Vancouver NFT creator pledges support to Ukrainian families in upcoming mint

Mar 1 2022, 6:50 pm

A Vancouver-based tech company preparing for the launch of its first NFT collection has announced that the project will be supporting Ukrainian families impacted by the ongoing Russian invasion.

OddFutur3 (OF3), the makers of Luckies 8888 NFT Collection that celebrates Asian culture through its digital red pockets design, is opening minting to members on March 15 starting at 8 am PT.

In its “Luckies Launch Details posting“, the creative studio revealed that “5% of total mint sales will be donated to fully vetted charitable organizations that are supporting families impacted by the war on Ukraine.”


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According to Nick Lo, co-founder of OF3, it was important for the team to do its part to help.

“It’s heartbreaking to watch the events unfold in Ukraine,” Lo said in an interview. “As a father myself, I can’t fathom having to run away or set up shelter just to protect my family, It’s unimaginable what citizens in Ukraine are having to go through.

“If we have the ability to support, even a small amount, it’s a no-brainer for us. We will always do our part in supporting our values. Luckies represent family, love, and joy. We do not support war, violence, or hate of any kind.”

Luckies NFT

Nick Lo, OddFutur3 co-founder (OddFutur3/Submitted)

There are 8,888 unique, generative Luckies artworks built on the Ethereum blockchain. Each Luckies minted through will cost 0.088 Ethereum.

The hand-drawn zodiac characters were designed and illustrated by New York-based artist Sophia Chang to celebrate prosperity and the culture of giving.

Anyone who makes a minimum $25 donation to any charitable cause supporting those impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine will also be granted an exclusive Pig Zodiac Role as well as an Allowlist for one mint.

“We love the idea of using web3 to do good, as there can be a lot of bad that comes out of any new technology, especially with early adopters,” said Lo. “With NFT scams and cash grabs grabbing headlines, it can set a very unhealthy precedent for the future of the industry. We’re here to show everyone the opposite, by using NFTs as a medium to build strong communities and ultimately strong companies over time.”

Luckies NFTs

Luckies NFTs (OddFutur3/Submitted)

Lo also told Daily Hive that the Luckies mint starting on March 15 will be a private sale in order to protect and prioritize its community members.

“The sale will be 100% private to prevent bots from minting in a public sale,” explained Lo. “Our intention is to build a strong community at Luckies, not a community that is in the space for quick flips and profiting in the short term.

“We have plans to build Luckies into a household brand, and those who hold for the long term will likely be rewarded for being a part of our community. The sale starts on March 15th, but you can get on our presale list by joining our Discord and engaging with us.”

In order to further ensure that the Luckies community members will have an equitable opportunity to mint the NFTs, OF3 also announced that the team will not be holding back any mints for themselves. The creative studio will also be allowing stacked roles to reward their earliest and biggest supporters.

Luckies NFTs

Luckies NFTs (OddFutur3Submitted)

“Because of the limited supply and the high demand from our community, we want to offer everything to our community first,” said Lo. He says the team will mint with the rest of the community and buy on secondary markets if needed.

“I’m very excited to launch Luckies. On a personal level, it represents a new beginning for me as I venture deep into the web3 world together with Larry. It’s also an opportunity to reflect on the work of starting a company while starting a family. It’s the biggest challenge I’ve ever had to face by far, and I wouldn’t be able to do it if it wasn’t for my family, the team around me, and all the friends that have supported me on this journey.”

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