This Nutella "finger biscuit" is exactly what we need

Dec 20 2017, 1:29 am

Nutella addicts, you’ll totally get this: It’s best to just go right to the jar when you want a hit of that chocolatey hazelnutty creamy good stuff.

Of course, good hygiene habits and the whole notion of not being a totally gross person can harsh your mellow if you are more inclined to stick your finger right into the tub for a swipe of the sweet spread.

For your daily dose of “OMFG THIS IS BRILLIANT” we present the second-best invention to come out of Italy (right behind Nutella itself, obvs): The finger biscuit.

Yes, it looks like a tiny traffic cone or unrolled condom (a colleague suggest the latter), but it is also absofreakinglutely genius. It is a cookie that caps your greedy little finger like a thimble and lets you jab away at the jar without a care in the world (besides all cares given to calories).

The “finger biscuit” is enjoying a resurgence of fame thanks to a piece published in the Evening Standard this week, rightfully hailing its ingenuity, but also noting that it was first revealed in 2004 by its designer Paolo Ulian, but has, as of yet, not gone into production.

So, sadly, we can’t go out and buy these right now.

The Standard smells a crowd-funding campaign, and we’d have to agree that should probably happen ASAP.

While the “finger biscuit” was pointedly tied to Nutella (and we know how much people love Nutella), rest assured it also would make a good fit for those who enjoy getting right into jars of salted caramel, marshmallow fluff, peanut butter, or pretty much any scoop-able foodstuff. The finger biscuit, let’s face it, has a pretty limitless potential. Maybe someday soon we can all get our hands on…errrrr…IN some.

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