Nu-Mediterranean Heat at the Jazz Festival

Dec 19 2017, 1:52 pm

On Wednesday June  27 th, Balkan Beat Box will take the stage at The Vogue Theatre as a fiery Middle Eastern/Mediterranean addition to this year’s great line up at the TD Vancouver International Jazz Festival. This funk filled and energy fueled  band attempts to promote peace and understanding through their unique and addictive beats, hypnotizing sax riffs and vibrant vocals. In 2006 the highly successful solo artist Tomer Yosef joined musical visionaries Ori Kaplan (from Gogol Bordello) and Tamir Muskat to create the rich sound that will keep the audience swaying all night on June 27th

In the Social Network, it is remarked that Harvard Business graduates don’t find jobs, they create them. Just as Harvard Business graduates are at the top of their field, so is Balkan Beat Box when it comes to the contribution of their exceptional style to world fusion music. Their music cannot be classified in terms of the genres that you would find marking the different musical sections at your favorite local record store. Just a few minutes of listening to Balkan Beat Box on Youtube will have YOU dancing with the moon.

Balkan Beat Box draws on the spice and intensity found in Middle Eastern culture and blends it with Jamaican dub backbeats, and colorful lyrics in a variety of exotic languages. Combine this block rocking  flavor with elements of gypsy punk and electronica, and these are grooves that will go from a quick viewing on Youtube to your iPod faster than you can say Nu Med (their popular 2007 album).

You only need  to listen to a few bars of their smash hit Move It to understand why it is essential to buy tickets early to this exciting show.

Both traditional influences and modern innovations can be found in their songs as ancient styles such as the gnawa can be found on the same tracks as the most sophisticated samplers and synthesizers.

People often joke that summer only comes to Vancouver in late July or August, but Balkan Beat Box will bring some Middle Eastern and Mediterranean heat when they come at the end of June.

Last year, Balkan Beat Box rocked the Commodore and this year no one will be left sitting down as they blow the roof off of The Vogue Theatre.

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