Nostalgia trip: 10 Canadian kids' shows from the 2000s that you forgot about

Feb 24 2022, 9:10 pm

For those of us old enough to remember life without smartphones and tablets, watching cartoons on television was simply a rite of passage and a damn good way to waste time.

And if you grew up in Canada in the early 2000s, that meant two channels were always in rotation: Teletoon and YTV.

The funny thing is that you probably only realized later in life — perhaps in conversation with an American — that most of the shows you grew up with were exclusive to the Great White North.

Undoubtedly with time, many of these incredibly unique Canadian gems became a foggy recollection, so we’re here to help jog your memory.

There’s a good chance this list will unlock some happy childhood reminiscence of a simpler time, or maybe even a few nightmares.

Nevertheless, let’s take a trip down the rabbit — or beaver — hole of time.


This YTV game show featured a whacky host by the name of Wink Yahoo, an executioner who punished victims with buckets of slime, and a whole bunch of late-’90s Nintendo prizes.

Throughout six seasons, kids from all over Canada joined the antics of Uh-Oh, allowing the show to forever live on in the strange dark basements of our childhood minds.

Jacob Two-Two

Based on the Mordecai Richler book series of the same, Jacob Two Two followed the adventures of a boy navigating through the streets of Montreal.

Something about the music and animation style still brings a warm and homey feeling.

Stickin’ Around

This show was, in one word, trippy.

And although its last episode was made in 1998, kids in the 2000s most definitely caught a whole bunch of reruns on YTV throughout the years that followed.

Its originality even earned it a Gemini Award for “Best Animated Program or Series”.

Mystery Hunters

Every Canadian kid liked to pretend Mystery Hunters didn’t give them the creeps.

But in reality, this wonderfully researched and well-produced documentary series dealt with some pretty spooky subject matter.

Looking back, it was the perfect blend of dark, comedic, and educational — a balance you just don’t see in kids’ shows anymore.

What’s with Andy?

Being a prankster was all the rage back then and Andy Larkin was the guy.

Lord only knows how many class clowns and delinquents were raised on this show…

Fries with That?

This sitcom for teens was beloved by many but was ultimately cancelled after two seasons.

Centered around four high schoolers who work at a fast-food joint, Fries with That? drew inspiration from the Quebec French-language VRAK.TV sitcom Une grenade avec ça?

Angela Anaconda

The animation style in this Teletoon show was certainly bold with its incorporation of film photography and cutouts.

And once its name is mentioned, waves of nostalgia come crashing onto Canadian twenty-somethings.

It lives in your mind rent-free and there’s nothing you could do about it.

Yvon of the Yukon

A French explorer named Yvon Ducharme gets frozen in a block of ice for 300 years until a sled dog owned by an Inuk teenager urinates on it and thaws him out.

It simply does not get more Canadian than that.

My Dad the Rock Star

The premise of this show was in the title, but did you know that it was created by none other than Gene Simmons from KISS?

That’s right, Simmons, whose wife Shannon Tweed is Canadian, originally wanted to write a book of the same title about his experience as a rockstar dad.

He instead opted for a cartoon which he went on to produce. The show premiered on Teletoon in 2003 and later made its way to Nickelodeon.

Seven Little Monsters

Fun fact: Comedy legend Colin Mochrie voices one of the monsters.

Another fun fact: The opening theme song for this show was actually performed by Canada’s very own The Barenaked Ladies. 

Television lightning struck twice for the group when they later recorded The Big Bang Theory‘s theme song as well.

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