North Shore Rescue looking to rescue one of their own

Dec 20 2017, 3:00 am

The men and women of North Shore Rescue dedicate their lives to helping others, so when it was one of their own that needed help, they came out in force.

The Rescue the Rescuer campaign is to support Search and Rescue medic Jay Piggot. Serving with NSR since 2010, Piggot was recently diagnosed with a rare, difficult to treat form of cancer located near his liver. Unable to work, ineligible for medical benefits due to his part-time status, and with a wife and two children at home, Jay’s NSR colleagues are doing all they can to lend a hand.

“When this happened it was a bit shocking,” John Blown of North Shore Rescuse told Vancity Buzz. “We were like ‘Oh my god this is happening to one of the nicest guys in world, who just spends his life just helping people.’ So that’s why we’re all thinking that we’ve just got to do something.”

So NSR turned to the community. A crowdfunding campaign currently has 607 contributors, and $62,500 raised at the time of this writing. Along with a meal train set up by the NSR team, and other fundraising events, their care for their comrade is clear.

“Jay is one of the nicest guys in the world. He literally spends his life trying to help people,” says Blown. “He’s one of the most active members on NSR, doing a lot of things behind the scenes… as well as being a skilled paramedic and member of the team he does a lot of the stuff that doesn’t get any thanks. He’s just one of those guys that just goes above and beyond with the team as well as with his family.”

Blown says the fundraising campaign has been a resounding success so far, and they have high hopes for further help.

“The community’s already stepped up hugely around this. It’s been pretty amazing so far,” he says.

To find out more about Rescue the Rescuer and support the Piggot family, visit their website.

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