The future of gaming is here and it’s all about groceries

May 11 2019, 3:07 am

Angry Birds? That’s so 2012. Fortnite? Yeah, right. It’s 2019, and your newest obsession is about to be a video game about grocery shopping.

You’re welcome.

No Frills® has created Hauler Aisles of Glory™, a retro 8-bit video game that will give you some serious Throwback Thursday vibes and turn you into an expert hauler.

But what is a hauler, exactly?

Much like the best athletes, the best haulers aren’t born, they’re made. A hauler is someone who gets a lot, for less, and takes pride in the experience.

In 2018, No Frills® rebranded with the launch of the Hauler movement, a clothing line and online shop as a celebration of frugal living. The collection included crew-neck tees, sweatshirts, and reusable canvas bags with more products expected to launch in 2019.

Here’s how the game works:

Controlling an 8-bit animation avatar, Hauler Aisles of Glory™ sees you running around different sections of the No Frills store through produce, packaged goods, bakery, meat, and even out through the parking lot, earning points by collecting groceries while avoiding frills and obstacles.

Grocery items will be represented as 8-bit versions of actual products including bananas, strawberries, toilet paper, detergent, and more. The aim of the game: to gather “hauls” for as many points as possible!

“Frills” will be represented as 8-bit versions of products you won’t be able to find in a grocery store, for example, diamonds, an expensive speed boat, or a limousine. The point is to avoid these items, if you hit a frill, you lose a life. Yikes!

It’s haul or nothing! Who says grocery shopping can’t be a blast? You can now play Hauler Aisles of Glory™ here,  available on desktop and mobile devices.

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