Canadian YouTuber slammed for white remake of 'This Is America' video

May 17 2018, 8:32 am

Canadian YouTuber Nicole Arbour has swiftly outraged the black community for her “women’s edit” of Childish Gambino’s This Is America.

A self-proclaimed comedienne, and former Toronto Raptors cheerleader, Arbour has made being overtly offensive her schtick – she has previously garnered all the wrong kind of attention for claiming that “depression isn’t real” and shaming fat people.

Her recent remake of the Childish Gambino music video piggybacks on its popularity while ignoring the political statements and themes made by the original work to promote her own white, questionably feminist agenda.

It’s hard to watch. Not just because of the blatant and insensitive cultural appropriation but also because it’s just so poorly executed. From the dancing to “rapping” and even the messaging interspersed with Arbour applying lip gloss is totally cringe-worthy.

Defending her intentions, Arbour has released a statement that only seems to reinforce her obliviousness.

And while the video itself lacks humour, artistic integrity, and all around merit, the backlash on the Internet is a billion times more entertaining and insightful than Arbour herself.

DH Toronto StaffDH Toronto Staff

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