Here's how much money every NHL team is worth in 2019

Dec 13 2019, 12:01 am

NHL team values have risen 6% since last year according to Forbes’ annual ranking of franchise valuations released this week.

Teams are now worth an average of $667 million USD, Forbes says, with the New York Rangers retaining the top spot for a fifth consecutive year — valued at $1.65 billion.

ā€œDespite not making the playoffs for the past two seasons, the New York franchise has maintained their position in part because of their location in the city with the biggest companies,ā€ said Forbes managing editor Mike Ozanian in a media release. ā€œIn the past two seasons, the Rangers have lost more games than theyā€™ve won but have managed to make the most revenue ($270 million) and operating income ($123 million) in the league during the 2018-19 season.ā€

There are five NHL teams that are now worth more than a billion dollars, including theĀ Toronto Maple Leafs ($1.5 billion) and Montreal Canadiens ($1.34 billion).

The Vancouver Canucks ($740 million) are the only other Canadian team to rank inside the top 10, while the Edmonton Oilers ($575 million) and Calgary Flames ($500 million) cracked the top 20.

The Ottawa Senators ($445 million) ranked 26th out of 31 teams, while the Winnipeg Jets ($420 million) are 27th.

It’s interesting to note that the league’s oldest teams tend to be worth the most money. The top five spots are held by Original Six teams, while the Detroit Red Wings were ranked eighth.

Conversely, nine of the 10 lowest-valued franchise have only been in their respective cities since the 1990’s or 2000’s.

Most Canadian franchises held their ranking from last year’s list, with the exception of the Canucks and Oilers, who each dropped one spot, as well as the Senators who dropped three spots.

Here’s the full list:

Team Current value
1. New York Rangers $1.65 billion
2. Toronto Maple Leafs $1.5 billion
3. Montreal Canadiens $1.34 billion
4. Chicago Blackhawks $1.085 billion
5. Boston Bruins $1 billion
6. Los Angeles Kings $850 million
7. Philadelphia Flyers $825 million
8. Detroit Red Wings $800 million
9. Washington Capitals $775 million
10. Vancouver Canucks $740 million
11. Pittsburgh Penguins $665 million
12. Dallas Stars $600 million
13. Vegas Golden Knights $580 million
14. Edmonton Oilers $575 million
15. New Jersey Devils $550 million
16. San Jose Sharks $540 million
17. St. Louis Blues $530 million
18. New York Islanders $520 million
19. Minnesota Wild $510 million
20. Calgary Flames $500 million
21. Anaheim Ducks $480 million
22. Colorado Avalanche $475 million
23. Tampa Bay Lightning $470 million
24. Nashville Predators $460 million
25. Carolina Hurricanes $450 million
26. Ottawa Senators $445 million
27. Winnipeg Jets $420 million
28. Buffalo Sabres $400 million
29. Columbus Blue Jackets $326 million
30. Florida Panthers $310 million
31. Arizona Coyotes $300 million


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