These NHL teams have the most potty-mouthed fanbases

Jun 25 2020, 1:13 pm

Hockey fans are a passionate bunch, and not just when they’re at the rink.

Debates rage online both with people from competing fanbases as well as within their own. It can get heated and the language…colourful.

A study conducted by looked into language used by each fanbase in order to determine the most vulgar fans in the NHL.

They analyzed each team’s Subreddit and tallied the average number of profane words per 100 subscribers, with data coming from Reddit comments between October 2, 2019 and April 11, 2020.

The most vulgar fanbase in the league was determined to be the Calgary Flames, whose fans used 73.1 profane words per 100 subscribers. Behind them are Vancouver Canucks fans (71.9), with a significant gap before third-place, which is held by Philadelphia Flyers fans (58.7).

Canadian hockey fans appear to have potty mouths in other parts of the country as well, as fans of the Edmonton Oilers (5th), Montreal Canadiens (6th), and Toronto Maple Leafs (10th) all cracked the top 10.

The least vulgar fans came from laid-back Southern California, where the Anaheim Ducks (31st) and Los Angeles Kings (30th) used far fewer dirty words.


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