Newfoundlanders are literally snowed in and can't get outside

Jan 18 2020, 12:13 am

A winter blizzard has slammed Newfoundland, and several residents are sharing photos on social media of their snowed-in situation.

Ernie Powell shared this tweet, showing the snow nearly up to the top of his door frame with a door-shaped imprint in it.

Another Twitter user, Brad, shared a photo of the snow approaching the top of his uncle’s living room window.

When Karen Martin tried to let her dogs out to pee, she was confronted with the view below. The photo on the left was taken by Michael Andrews, where the snow actually cleared the height of the door frame. Check out that crisp window imprint as well.

Snowed in Newfoundland

Left photo: Michael Andrews. Right photo: Karen Martin

“In my backyard, there’s no fence anymore. It’s like super drifty snow because it’s really really windy,” St. John’s resident Emily Eaton told Daily Hive in an interview.

She’s not snowed in, but she has lost power.

“Were used to lots of snow and stuff,” she said. “I mean, this is obviously a bit extreme.”

The intense snowfall was accompanied by howling winds, making outdoor travel nearly impossible.

On Friday, St. John’s declared a state of emergency. The mayor ordered all businesses to close and demanded all cars except emergency vehicles stay off the roads.

Environment Canada issued a blizzard and a storm surge warning for the region, and power has been cut to many customers.

More snow is expected Friday night, with the storm not leaving until later Saturday afternoon.

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