New digital pharmacy revolutionizes how you get your medication

Nov 30 2018, 4:58 pm

A new digital pharmacy service is promising to revolutionize the way you get your medication in Vancouver by offering same-day delivery of your drugs and online chatting with pharmacists.

Caplet was founded by pharmacist Mat Rezaei, who has a decade of experience working in
retail pharmacies, compounding labs, and regulatory bodies.

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The pharmacist founded Caplet after experiencing problems with the traditional pharmacy system, seeing first-hand the barriers people face in getting their medication and getting timely advice on how best to take it.

“When you’re sick, all of a sudden you have a new thing to worry about on top of everything else,” said Rezaei.

“It’s time-consuming to keep up with everything that goes into a successful treatment: having enough medication and refills on file, taking dosages on time and as instructed, dealing with side effects and changes to medical conditions, and the list goes on.”

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Indeed, studies show that up to half of Canadians are not taking their medications as instructed, instead taking them more or less frequently, or at a higher or lower dose.

According to a 2017 McGill study, the most common reason for this was forgetfulness and a tendency to just make treatment decisions based on how they feel at the time.

To make life easier for consumers, Caplet is offering an entirely digital service that provides not just free delivery, but also reminders, readily available instructions, and ongoing advice.

Prescriptions delivered the same day, at no cost

Caplet’s service is currently offered through Pure Integrative Pharmacy and begins with signing up on Caplet’s website. One of their pharmacists contacts you to set up your account – from there, you can simply order your prescriptions online.

To send Caplet your prescription, just upload a scan or photo of the paper prescription. Their pharmacists will then review it, approve it, and notify you.

You can then schedule delivery for free on the same day, anywhere in Vancouver, in three-hour delivery blocks, from Monday to Saturday.

“Caplet’s mission is to get medicine into your hands more effectively, while providing ongoing pharmacy support whenever you need it,” said Rezaei.

Image: Caplet

With dispensing fees that are similar to traditional pharmacies, you’ll only pay any remaining balance of the prescription cost, after MSP and extended coverage plans have been taken into account. Caplet accepts all major insurance policies.

And if you have an ongoing prescription already at another pharmacy, you can give Caplet the details and they will coordinate the transfer, meaning less hassle for you.

When you log in to your Caplet account, you will see every medication you have on file and can order refills right there. Caplet will even remind you when you’re running low.

If you happen to be a caregiver to another person who needs medications, you can also sign up for a Caplet account on their behalf, with their consent.

Caplet dispenses all prescription and non-prescription medications including compounds. It also offers supplements, vitamins, and herbal remedies, as well as pharmacy services like medication review, physician counselling, and on-site vaccinations.

Also, this flu season, Caplet is offering free flu vaccinations for any workplace in Vancouver.

Send a message to pharmacists anytime

As a Caplet member, if you have general medication questions, you can call, text, or email their team of registered pharmacists at anytime. Or if you want to discuss your personal medication and any side effects, you can also contact Caplet’s in-house pharmacy team through their secure chat system.

Even if you’re not a member, you can still get medical advice on Caplet’s blog, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn. Just in time for flu season, read more about the ultimate guide to flu shots this winter.

As for security, all medical data stored in your Caplet account and on their messaging channels are completely encrypted and confidential.

To sign up, you’ll just need to fill out the form on Caplet’s website, providing your delivery address, Personal Health Number, and any insurance and allergy details.

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