Welcome to the new Daily Hive

Jul 25 2019, 9:43 pm

A fresh logo, nine channels, and everything you’ve known and loved all packaged together in a brand new digital experience.

Welcome to the new Daily Hive.

Change is an inevitable part of every brand’s journey. And today, as we proudly launch our new logo and website, we wanted to let you in on why we decided it was time for a refresh.

Our first logo was created in the early days of the transition from Vancity Buzz to Daily Hive. As we evolved as an organization across a nation, and we began to discover more about ourselves and who we were, we realized that our look and experience needed to evolve along with us.

We required a logo that was simple but distinct, easily recognizable but also unique. We needed a website that felt like a proper home for all of our channels, for all of our content, and for you, our readers. And while the old brand will always hold a special place in our hearts, it no longer reflected the bold vision we have for the future of DH.

So we tasked our in-house design and brand team, alongside our creative division Colony Digital, to craft a new identity for us. 

A new home.

The result is a logo that is both direct and edgy, simple but not boring, bold yet still personable, and creative but purposeful, while holding onto just enough of the past. Overall, we feel it encompasses the fundamental DH spirit, letting our values shine through: Hustle, Heart, Humility.

The re-envisioning of the logo was just the tip of the iceberg. With the new look and feel, came a much-needed facelift to the website, complete with new and convenient features to elevate your reading experience.

“Today’s changes are all about continuing to make good on our promise to our audience to foster a relationship between people and their city,” says Karm Sumal, CEO and Co-founder of Daily Hive. “The new identity was designed to respect our past, while focusing on our future – wherever that may take us – and the new website was built to take our audience’s experience to the next level.”

We have a lot of content – and you’ve told us it can be hard to sift through. Some of today’s new features were built to tackle that issue and make it easier for you to find the types of stories you’re most interested in.

Now, you can sign in and have your own personalized DH account, allowing for a variety of custom features, including bookmarking stories to come back to, and filtering channels to select what content will show up on your homepage.

You’ll also find new channels added to our existing roster to complete the site:

“We’re so excited to see how readers interact with and navigate the new site,” says Sumal. “In the coming weeks and months, look out for more features and ways to enhance your experience, and connect more closely with our reporters and editors.”

DH has always been – and will always be – a work in progress. We’d love to hear your thoughts, questions, ideas, and GIFs on all the changes. Feel free to shoot us an email to [email protected] to let us know what you think.

As always, thanks for reading and being a part of this with us. We wouldn’t be here without you!

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