5 new apps and websites for Vancouver foodies

Sep 9 2016, 3:25 am

Let’s face it, these days restaurants and technology go together like bacon and eggs. Food photos are the bread and butter of photo sharing sites like Instagram, and we’ve all seen at least one of those attention-stealing Tasty videos on Facebook.

When it comes to navigating Vancouver’s diverse food scene, technology can definitely come in handy. Just like there are always new restaurants opening up, so are there new tech tools aimed at captivating local food lovers.

Here are five newer apps or websites for Vancouver foodies.

Solo Diner Match

Created by a former flight attendant who wants to help otherwise solo diners engaged in the social aspects of dining out, Solo Diner Match is a website that pairs you with likeminded food lovers with shared interests for restaurant adventures. Registered users to the free platform can share a brief bio and food interests and message other members to set up meals.


Designed for diners who have dietary restrictions, allergies, or who are just plain picky, the website Honeycomb checks restaurant menu ingredients for you. Create an account and sign in to get personalized recommendations from menus from restaurants around Vancouver.


Jess Fleming/Daily Hive

Jess Fleming/Daily Hive

A “social network for foodies,” the Nomii app lets users save and share dishes, with photos, from their meals. It lets you know exactly what people have been ordering and enjoying, and where to get it–and it lets you curate your own personal list of places and photos of delicious meals.


Let’s say you just finished work and want to get drinks and dinner with your work pals. But how long of a wait will it be for a table at the nearest eateries? Tabler was designed to share user-generated real-time info about restaurants; the more people using it, the more effective it becomes. The app is in beta testing mode right now in the Main Street area.


DINR is a free mobile reservation services that matches same day availabilities at 10 of Vancouver’s most highly acclaimed restaurant, with last-minute diners. Having both launched in Toronto and expanded to Montreal earlier this year, DINR is now on the go in Vancouver.

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