Vancouver payment firm helping businesses enter the Bitcoin market

Sep 13 2019, 2:55 pm

Cryptocurrency has been lauded as both a disruptor of traditional monetary systems and the evolution of money as new know it.

But while decentralized currencies like Bitcoin have become efficient modes of global exchange, finding suitable markets has proven to be a challenge.

Neutronpay, a Vancouver-based company, serves as a platform that allows businesses to accept and process payments easily and safely. Its plugin gives users the ability to make quick settlements and invoices in any market, including e-commerce, retail, gaming, e-sports, and charities.

With the use of cryptocurrency, people from all over the world are able to make transactions without a central bank, redefining how people interact with one another, and changing up the system of old-fashioned payments. 

Albert Buu, founder and CEO of Neutronpay, says his company aims to bridge the gap between Bitcoin and traditional payments by creating a borderless payment system.

“This is empowering for the unbanked people all over the world. Quite essentially, it enables anyone in the world with any mobile device to make a payment for goods or services,” he said. 


Buu said the company is betting big on cryptocurrency because it sees the wider potential for businesses.  

“We believe bitcoin will drastically change the payments industry landscape and we want to be at the helm,” said Albert.

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