Nettle's Tale: Swimwear company for real women smashes Indiegogo goal

Dec 19 2017, 10:21 am

As swimsuit season arrives in Vancouver, an honest swimwear company with local roots is making waves and crushing goals on its Indiegogo campaign.

An honest swimwear company – what does that mean?

Is there anything natural or affirming about the process of choosing a swimsuit? A brand new Canadian boutique is pairing locally made fashion with local stories, and tangible philanthropy with the affirmation of natural beauty—fashioning a swimsuit shopping experience that women might actually look forward to.

Nettle’s Tale swimsuits are designed and made in Vancouver, and each design tells the story of a local woman. With names like “The Carli” and “The Kimberly,” the products reflect individual personalities. In the online boutique, each suit is modeled by the woman who inspired it. Alongside the natural, unpretentious photos are a bit of each woman’s story, and the values that shaped her suit design. “The Carli” is made for a curvy woman who loves all things vintage, while “The Kimberly,” inspired by the owner of an East Van dance studio, is all about movement.

“In our lookbook, you won’t see airbrushed models—you’ll see women who look like your friends,” said Julia Church, designer and founder of Nettle’s Tale. “You’ll see yourself in the backyard, in a swimsuit that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin. You’ll see pictures of women loving their bodies, looking just like you do every day…because that’s beauty.”


A Bold Concept

Nettle’s Tale is poised to change the landscape of swimsuit shopping. The company is building on real, intimate and authentic relationships to empower women. Challenging popular media and cultural norms, the down-to-earth marketing approach of Nettle’s Tale assures the female consumer that she is more than okay, just the way she is.

Instead of featuring sexualized photography, taken on tropical white sandy beaches, the shop features lifestyle photos—the model is doing things she would personally do, as a Pacific Northwest woman. This highlights not just the style, but the function present in each design.

Values of an Honest Swimwear Company

What does honesty look like, in a process as vulnerable as choosing a swimsuit? “I believe the experience can be affirming, and it can be personal,” said Church. “Our designs grow out of local stories, inspired by the values of real people who live and breathe and shop here in this city. I believe that’s what business is about…relationships, story, generosity. And at the end of the day, I want every one of my customers to love her body.”

And yet, instead of the “self focus” that apparel shopping so often maintains, Nettle’s Tale keeps the emphasis on a thriving community. At the end of the shopping experience, 10 per cent of the profits of every suit sold are given to a charitable cause hand-picked by the woman who inspired the design.

Nettle’s Tale has crossed their $10,000 goal with over 30 days left in the Indiegogo campaign, and they’re aiming higher with a new top goal of $20,000.

Nettle’s Tale Swimwear
Check out their Indiegogo campaign.

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