New shows and movies to watch on Netflix Canada this weekend (TRAILERS)

Dec 17 2021, 9:35 pm

By this time next week, you might be a busy bee. This weekend might be the perfect time to cozy up to Netflix Canada.

The streaming service has launched the second season of The Witcher, some Christmas content, Netflix Originals, and more.

Along with titles released earlier this month, here’s what’s worth checking out on Netflix Canada this weekend.

The Witcher: Season 2

The epic series of monsters, magic and fate returns for a second season.

 A California Christmas: City Lights

A year after their romance took root, Callie and Joseph leave the ranch for the family business in San Francisco — with wedding bells on the horizon.

Fast & Furious Spy Racers: Season 6: Homecoming

The final season takes the Spy Racers around the world — from the Alps to the Arctic and back home to LA — as they battle their toughest enemy ever!

A Naija Christmas 

A mother’s Christmas wish — and the grand prize that comes with it — sets off a fierce competition between her sons.

Aggretsuko: Season 4 

Retsuko turns up the volume to stop Haida from making the biggest mistake ever when a sly new company president takes the office to a new extreme.

Puff: Wonders of the Reef  

A baby pufferfish travels through a wondrous, microscopic world full of fantastical creatures as he searches for a home in the Great Barrier Reef.

Bulgasal: Immortal Souls (December 18)

Cursed since birth and exempt from death, a revenge-driven immortal sets out on a quest to reclaim his soul and end a 600-year-old vendetta.

In case you missed it, here are other trending shows and movies on Netflix Canada from earlier this month:

Anonymously Yours 

After an accidental text message turns into a digital friendship, Vale and Alex start crushing on each other without realizing they’ve met in real life.


Political ploys, personal agendas, and a beastly myth all surface as two mismatched hill station cops navigate a web of suspects after a puzzling murder.

Back to the Outback

They might look dangerous, but these wildly misunderstood creatures have hearts of gold — and they’re breaking out of captivity on a quest to find home.

How To Ruin Christmas: The Funeral

A year after last year’s Christmas disaster, Tumi finds herself at the centre of another holiday family mess when a relative suddenly passes away.

Twentysomethings: Austin (formerly Roaring Twenties)

In this coming-of-age reality series set in Austin, Texas, 20-somethings navigate love and friendship and start a new adventure: life.

Saturday Morning All Star Hits!

Wildly irreverent and slightly disturbing, this adult animation, live-action hybrid celebrates the campy Saturday-morning shows of the ’80s and ’90s.

The Unforgivable

Released from prison into a society that won’t forgive her, a woman convicted of murder searches for the little sister she was forced to leave behind.

The Hungry and the Hairy 

On the motorbike road trip of their dreams, buddies Rain and Ro Hong-chul relax and unwind as they delight in tasty eats and scenic locales around Korea.

Cobalt Blue

When an aspiring author and his free-spirited sister both fall for the enigmatic paying guest at their home, ensuing events rock their traditional family.

Coming Out Colton

Former professional football player and star of The Bachelor, Colton Underwood embarks on a journey of self-discovery coming out as a gay man, addressing his past and embracing his place in the LGBTQ community.

Money Heist: Part 5 Vol 2 

The stakes couldn’t be higher for the embattled professor as he races to get the gold — and more importantly, his team — out of the bank.

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