"Murph is a f*ckin nightmare": People are loving NERF's new non-binary mascot

Jun 21 2022, 6:24 pm

The toy company behind super soakers and foam shooters, NERF has introduced the world to its first-ever mascot, Murph — a non-binary, curvy, faceless figure made entirely of foam darts, carrying a big toy gun.

Murph uses they/them pronouns and the internet is in a love-hate relationship with them within days of their unveiling.

Netizens are reacting to Murph’s looks, personality, and “terrifying” catchphrase — “Unleash the play in you.”

The mascot, who looks like a cross between a sea anemone and the inside of a small intestine in a NERF tank top, is making a lot of people uncomfortable, but they’re into them regardless.

Artist Rob Sheridan called Murph a “floppy affront to God” and “a f*ckin nightmare,” but admitted to loving them.

They may look like a sleep paralysis demon, but they’re also being hailed as a radical non-binary icon.

“I am being 100% sincere when I say this is the first instance of non-binary representation in commercial advertising that actually feels like it could have been devised by a trans person,” said Cole Watson, a non-binary musician from Philadelphia. “This design f*cking rules,” they added.

And it seems that depending on how you look at Murph, they’re carrying a weapon other than the gun you see in their hands — their gigantic, BBL-era booty, which one  Twitter user eloquently and aptly calls “the biggest dump truck on God’s green Earth.”

You could also see it as their leg, if you’re boring.

There are also some photos of Murph shirtless.

People are talking about all the things Murph reminds them of, one of which is that huge, colourful rolling brush you see at car washes.

And Murph’s already being compared to Gritty, the official mascot for the Philadelphia Flyers who may or may not have punched a 13-year-old boy in 2020.

“He is made entirely of nerf darts. He is bizarre,” tweeted Star FM Brandon. “But now we have to know, who’s weirder? Murph or Gritty?”

Can’t believe comparative beauty standards are coming after mascots now, but hey, that’s 2022 for you.

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