Everything you should know about getting needle-free fillers (and more)

Jul 17 2019, 4:53 am

Taking pride in your appearance isn’t something you should feel bad about; in fact, it should be quite the opposite. Because when you’re happy with how you look, you feel radiant.

For one person, this could mean buying new clothes, perhaps getting fillers, or maybe even both. There are many different kinds of fillers on the market today, with hyaluronic acid (HA) being one of the most popular gel-like substances used to add volume to the skin and decrease wrinkles. (HA is a naturally-occurring substance in the skin that aids hydration and plumpness.)

When you think of fillers, a huge needle most likely comes to mind. And if you’re like most of us fully-grown adults who can admit that we’re afraid of needles, that could be enough to instantly put you off fillers.

The good news? Traditional dermal fillers administered by needle are not your only option. Enter, needle-free fillers. Yes, technology has gone that far and it’s pretty amazing.

How they work

Fillers administered with needles can be painful and cause bleeding, bruising, and in some cases, even scar tissue. Needle-free fillers, on the other hand, allow for better precision and reduce the risk of side effects as they’re gentle on the skin. Think of how a hydrafacial works; this new filler technique follows a similar method.

A filler pen sprays an even layer of hyaluronic acid beneath the skin surface (as opposed to lumps with needle fillers), and the pen then uses pressurized air to penetrate down to the dermis layer of your skin. Consequently, results are delivered instantly, without the pain and discomfort associated with needle fillers. (It even sounds more straightforward than you had imagined, right?)

Why the trend is growing

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As we get older, our skin starts to sag (sigh); it’s all a natural process. However, many Canadians are choosing to regain their youthful, fuller glow by opting for needle-free fillers for their lips, smile lines, jowls, cheeks, jowls, and frown lines between the brows.

The fact that needle-free fillers result in no pain or swelling means that you can make an appointment on your lunch break and go back to work right after, with no downtime. You’ll also see the results you desire sooner.

Possible complications

Although needle-free fillers are growing in popularity, complications can arise from your very first appointment if you choose the wrong clinic. Make sure to double-check that the clinic you visit is run by trained medical professionals instead of those who have taken a weekend course or have no medical background. For instance, the same salon where you get your eyelashes done is probably not a good option.

There are always risks when you get fillers, and that’s why it’s crucial to have a medical professional on-site in case something goes wrong. Vancouver’s C2 Cosmetics provides needle-free fillers but they are only administered by certified and experienced physicians (doctors and nurses) to ensure that you’re getting the best possible care.

As well as this, C2 Cosmetics makes sure that their doctors are insured, and go through each client’s history. The clinic is known for its professional results and has treated celebrities, as well as stars of The Real Housewives.

Find out more about the services offered by C2 Cosmetics on their official website.

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