National Coffee Day is the perfect excuse to indulge in a cup of Joe

Sep 23 2016, 8:17 pm

Drink up Canada – National Coffee Day is coming.

September 29 is North America’s time to celebrate the history and consumption of our favourite caffeinated beverage, but this story behind this holiday is as murky as the cup of java.

The first International Coffee Day debuted on October 1, 2015, but North Americans have been celebrating their National Coffee Day since at least 2010. Some sources put the official start of the holiday back to 2005.

Whenever and however it started, Canadians are more than happy to celebrate.

Our love of coffee has been growing exponentially since the 80s: in 1989 Canadians consumed on average 14 litres of coffee per person, according to Statistics Canada. In 2009, we drank a whopping 90 litres per person. Now we consume the third highest amount of coffee per capita – an average of 152 litres per person according to global research company Euromonitor.

To honour our growing caffeine addiction, we’re bringing you some facts about Canadians and their coffee.