Nando's Flame-Grilled Chicken at Burnaby-Kingsway

Dec 19 2017, 11:40 am

While The Urban Dweller is busy dining at plush eateries Lumière or Le Crocodile, us regular people enjoy a satisfying, yet nutritious, meal for a fraction of the price. Nando’s Flame-Grilled Chicken fulfills these desires with its succulent chicken and great sides for a decent price.

My friend and I walked in late, 5 minutes before closing at the Burnaby-Kingsway location. We asked if we should just do take-out. The owner, Raj, insisted we stay through closing and “take [our] time.” This was a nice gesture right off the bat. The food arrived quickly within 6 mins. We stared at the large thighs and terrorized our dinner plates, me scarffing down half a chicken, a Mediterranean salad and baked potato. Delicious!

This was especially satisfying since this was after a rigorous workout. I could feel my muscles being bathed in protein. My large pecs were pleased as much as my belly.

The cornerstone of Nando’s is its special peri-peri sauce. It tastes really good and has numerous nutritious benefits as well (also rumoured to be a natural aphrodisiac). You can choose to have lemon and herb, medium, hot, or very hot peri-peri sauce lathered on your chicken. The labels are true to their words, believe me.

Half a chicken with 2 sides costs roughly $14. With one side the cost would be around $11. They also have a chicken burger, probably their Achilles’ heal, and great kebabs on their menu. Some sides are coleslaw, baked potato, rice, corn, and peri fries.

Whether you are a gym-junkie looking for good, quality, protein from healthy chicken or just want to fulfill your hunger, Nando’s definitely should be your next destination.

Food: A+
Atmosphere: B
Price: A-
Service: A

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