9 Vancouver nail artists you need to follow on Instagram right now

Apr 30 2017, 5:07 am

Most girls swear loyalty to their esthetician, once you find your ideal nail aesthetic why change right?

To all you beauty babes out there who are afraid of trying something new, nail artists are capable of insane things, so maybe it’s time to change it up a little.

To help refresh your look here’s a list of some of Vancouver’s best nail artists that you can follow on Instagram right now.


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If you’re looking for a nail tech who does it all, Myth is your one stop solution. Her expert hand is capable or transforming your nails into sheets or marble, geometric patterns or even flames.


Damn, I must be coachin’, ’cause I’m not playin’ with them

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Bee is quite possibly Vancouver’s best nail artist, and of course, she is also one of the most expensive. A fresh acrylic set will put you back a whopping $70, but a quick scroll through Bee’s Instagram will quickly reveal why. Who knew nails could look so good?

Go on keep livin that life you boys know you to old to.

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#bioseaweedgel #toffee by @bioseaweedgel with #marble

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As both a certified nail and lash artist, Priscilla can elevate your beauty game to the next level. If you’re into jewel glam and shiny metallics this account is a must follow!


The folks at Amour Beauty Lounge are all fully trained as nail art technicians. Founded for the sole purpose of providing better customer service, in addition to leaving with a freshly polished look, you can also bet you’ll be treated like a queen during your visit.

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Specialising in Swarovski Designs, Sophie is so in demand that she is currently not accepting new clients. But don’t worry babes you can follow her Instagram account to find out when you can book.


In love with my nails ❤😘👄💄💋

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This account has some serious spunk, follow along for your daily dose of neon, matte polish and fun colour-pop designs.


If you want to see puppies and nails all in one place, you have to scroll through this Insta feed. You’ll be left wondering what’s cuter the nails or the dogs.


@kathymtrinh #stanleynails

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If you’re confused why the feed of @stanleynails is diverse, it’s because this account is made up of all the employees at Stanley Nails. What does that mean? You can shop the feed and choose an artist who fits your style.

@_samanthabonilla #stanleynails

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Nails by Kat are far from ordinary; this chick breaks the mould on all of her designs. She uses vibrant colours and classy single nail artwork to leave each and every one of her clients happy. Check out her feed for your more nail eye candy.

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