This Japanese restaurant serves mouthwatering foie gras and prime rib nigiri

Jul 16 2017, 9:44 pm

One thing you know you’ll always enjoy on the West Coast is fresh sushi – but the best restaurants aren’t afraid to shake it up a little bit.

That’s why talented chef with more than 12 years experience, Kenneth, has opened his dream restaurant: Musou Sushi on Dewdney Trunk Road in Maple Ridge.

But this isn’t your average sushi bar. Nope, this brand new Japanese restaurant takes sushi to the next level. It’s the only eatery of its kind in Maple Ridge that serves up nigiri with a twist – the foie gras and prime rib kinds.

Yep, we’re for real. By dining at Musou Sushi, you’ll get to experience a new kind of exceptionally high quality nigiri that’s not only delicious, but a form of visual art. In fact, your surroundings aren’t just a restaurant, but a gallery, too.

Canadian flavours are added to a number of the menu items at Musou Sushi as traditional sushi meets contemporary fare. And this even includes tasty maple syrup infused sushi.

You can even order salmon miso chowder. This new age miso still holds onto the classic miso flavour, but adds a creamy chowder texture to make it that much more flavourful.

Then of course there’s the foie gras nigiri. Musou Sushi imports the foie gras from Quebec in a size and fat consistency that’s perfect for making this kind of sushi.

“We torch seal ‘aburi’ it to give it a crispy outside, and creamy inside. When it combines with sushi rice, the acidity will dissolve the fat of the foie gras, and it will feel like a butter melting in your mouth,” says Kenneth.

Prime rib nigiri at Musou Sushi is another must-try menu item. The meat used in this dish is sourced from Alberta and has less fat than wagyu. Instead, the marble is evenly spread throughout and it has a strong beef flavour. “It comes with a sauce we make with fruits and soy sauce,” says Kenneth.

Nigiri/Musou Sushi

And if you’re a seafood enthusiast, you’ll want to try Musou Sushi’s anago. This different kind of eel (conger eel) is a popular choice in Japan as it has less fat and a stronger flavour than unagi, the option that you’re likely familiar with in Vancouver.

Anago comes into the restaurant raw, as opposed to unagi which is delivered preserved and frozen. Kenneth cooks the anago in the restaurant’s own broth so it has a lighter sauce flavor, but a stronger eel taste within.

Kenneth believes Musou Sushi stands out from the crowd of Japanese eateries in Vancouver as each piece of sushi is handcrafted with high quality seaweed and rice.

Musou Sushi art/Musou Sushi

“I like my nigiri in bite size, the rice naturally break downs in your mouth, and the aroma of the toppings and sushi rice slowly combine. And for rolls, I prefer a thin layer of rice and speed to maintain the seaweed dryness, even the cost is higher than average. After all, a perfect piece of sushi requires a combination of texture, flavour, and temperature,” says Kenneth.

Interestingly, the word Musou means both ‘unmatchable’ and ‘dream’.

“It’s a dream of mine to stand on my own stage to perform the arts within my sushi, especially nigiri sushi. Every piece of nigiri sushi contains the spirit and passion of a chef, you can feel it from the size, texture, temperature and flavour of it,” says Kenneth.

Now when will you be booking your reservation?

Musou Sushi

Where: 22470 Dewdney Trunk Road #110, Maple Ridge
Hours: Monday to Saturday, 11 am to 8 pm
Contact: 604-477-4447