Why the newest MSI laptop is perfect for fast-paced business professionals

Jul 28 2022, 7:17 pm

As content creators, we’re often found jumping between writing articles, conducting interviews, and editing images.

Simply put, tools that make our lives easier and help us be more productive are an absolute must (bonus points if they happen to have sleek exteriors and are compact in a way that helps us have the flexibility needed in our remote work environments — anybody else need a change of scenery on the daily?).

So when we found out we were going to get to test the brand-new Summit E14Flip EVO business laptop from MSI — you could say we were excited.

A productive business day made easy

We’ve all had those days where you roll out of bed a little too close to your morning meeting — let’s just say, I was grateful for the laptop’s Windows Hello instant facial recognition which meant I logged into my team coffee chat in seconds. There’s also a handy fingerprint sensor for an instant, easy, and safe login experience.

Thankfully I had set up the laptop the previous day — a process that was easy with MSI Centre Pro — even for a tech novice like me. Despite MSI’s origins as gaming technology experts, this laptop has been designed with business professionals in mind.

I was able to intuitively get started with the laptop and choose the scenarios which best described how I’d be using the device for the week i.e. writing, editing, conference calls, and online browsing. If we had it for longer, the laptop includes a Smart Auto feature that analyzes your workload and changes to the most appropriate user scenario (e.g. editing, gaming) based on your usage patterns, without you having to toggle between scenarios.

As I got my morning started with article revisions, I loved experimenting with cool features like Tobii Aware which boosts the security, battery life, and productivity through this laptop’s camera. I was able to move the mouse pointer between the laptop and an attached monitor without touching anything — like magic. Plus, I could shift tabs from the laptop to an attached monitor simply by clicking the tab and moving it to whichever screen I preferred (seriously, my mind is blown). Every second counts, especially on our busier days, so these features are welcome time-savers.

Since I’m powered by flat whites and 11 am had rolled around before I realized, I popped the Summit E14Flip EVO into my bag and walked to a local cafe to grab a drink and set up camp in their outdoor working area — we’ve got to make the most of this summer weather after all. As I walked to the shop, I hardly felt the ultra-lightweight laptop (no surprise since it’s 1.6kg and has a 17.9mm depth).

Given the patio was a bit busy and I was working on reports and wanted to keep the info confidential, I actioned the laptop’s Tobii Aware function which includes a privacy screen that blurs when you look or step away from the laptop and ‘peeker detection’ to inform you if someone is behind you. This was pretty cool to see in action as people passed by my table.

Anyone else a wee bit forgetful? I’m right there with you. It’s reassuring to know that if I happened to lose this snazzy device (it happens), it’s protected with Tile tracking technology, which means I could find it using the app on my phone, even if the computer was switched off.

After a quick lunch, it was time to hop on a bus to attend an in-person team meeting in the office, followed by a mix and mingle with the rest of the DH crew.

Flipping to tablet mode while in transit was so convenient and allowed me to meet a pressing deadline while discussing article ideas with my editor via slack. Plus I didn’t have to worry about power outlets because the battery life on this laptop is awesome. I had been on the go for four hours and it still had over 50% charge. Did I mention it came with 100% battery right out of the box?

It didn’t actually need to be plugged in until the next morning, and in 30 minutes, the device was ready for four hours of usage.

Power optimization settings mean that the laptop lights up when you’re present and dims when you leave. Although I didn’t need this feature since it was bright and sunny, it’s good to know that there’s an ambient light setting that allows you to work while in transit even if the lights around you are dimmed — great for commuting to and from the office on duller, rainy days.

During the team meeting, I was able to impress colleagues by creating a mind map using the Bluetooth MSI pen. It looked good and felt great to use. Once paired with the laptop, the pen can control the touchscreen and can also be used to present slides.

And did I mention it looks cool too? With a sleek keyboard and ink black metal chassis, the Summit E14Flip EVO contains a 16:10 screen ratio with a full high-definition display that provides information in a compact and exquisite design, meaning high-quality details and added screen display space.

Before the mix and mingle, I hopped into an online interview — one of my favourite parts of the job — and was instantly blown away by how clear both the camera and sound quality were.

Getting to know someone’s life story and what makes them tick was made so much more intuitive and meaningful when their image and voice were crystal clear, plus the crisp audio helped massively with transcribing the conversation afterwards — writers know the struggle of a poorly recorded audio.

This clarity is due to the Summit E14Flip EVO’s Noise Reduction Cam — a two-way noise cancellation solution which includes outgoing voices through your microphone, and incoming sound through the speakers.

This is a highly recommended laptop for business professionals, and you can find it at Memory Express, Canada Computers or Newegg.

I packed it away with great reluctance after a week of fast-paced work made seamless by this laptop’s intuitive features.

What I loved most was how easy the Summit E14Flip EVO made everything — with the added peace of mind that business information was extremely secure, even if I stepped away from the screen.

If you’re interested in learning more about the MSI Summit E14Flip EVO, visit the MSI website.

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