16 movies and TV shows filming in Vancouver in September

Aug 29 2022, 11:19 pm

Crisp cool air, blanket scarves, and everything pumpkin spice — Vancouver, fall is just around the corner!

As summer comes to an end, few things are cooler than hitting the streets of Vancity and realizing your favourite TV show or a new movie is filming right here in town. In Hollywood North, it seems there’s always a chance to catch the cameras rolling.

From brand new series like Fire Country to your favourites like The Flash and The Good Doctor returning for another season. Here is everything you need to know about what’s filming in Vancouver this September.

Valiant One

Chase Stokes/Instagram

Valiant One will begin filming in the Vancouver area this September. The new military thriller film is set to star Outer Bank’s Chase Stokes, and will be a story about survival after a US helicopter crashes in North Korea war zone.

Virgin River – Season 5

Virgin River/IMDb

Virgin River is on location around Vancouver this summer to film for its fifth season of the popular binge-worthy Netflix show. The romance/drama series follows a woman who moves to a small town in Northern California after taking a job as a nurse practitioner. Naturally, she ends up falling in love with not only the town, but a man who runs the local bar too.

The series stars Alexandra Breckenridge and Martin Henderson in the lead roles as Melinda and Jack, and according to fans their complicated at times relationship makes Virgin River a must-watch!

The Flash – Season 9

filming Vancouver

The Flash/Facebook

The Flash will return to Vancouver this September to film for another season, and is expected to be on location until sometime in March of next year. The show is based on the DC comics and stars Grant Gustin as crime scene investigator Barry Allen, a man who has the superpower of speed and uses it to rescue innocents while fighting crime.

Yellowjackets – Season 2


Showtime’s Yellowjackets returns to Vancouver this September to film for its second season. The series stars popular long-time actress Christina Ricci, alongside Juliette Lewis, Melanie Lynskey and Tawny Cypress, among others.

The story line is about a group of female soccer players who end up stranded in the Canadian wilderness after their plane crashes — and brings some serious Lord of the Flies vibes. Also, expect lots of flash backs and shifts in time as the series follows the girls as teenagers to adults. Filming will be underway until February 2023.

The Spiderwick Chronicles – Season 1

The Spiderwick Chronicles/IMDb

Disney+’s The Spiderwick Chronicles is a brand new series that will ramp up production in Vancouver this September. Based on the best-selling books by by Tony DiTerlizzi and Holly Black, the show will follow two twin brothers and will touch upon different mental health issues in a coming-of-age story that mixes fantasy with reality.

Superman & Lois – Season 3

Superman & Lois/IMDb

Superman & Lois will start up production of season three in the Metro Vancouver area this September. The superhero drama series follows the popular DC Comics characters — the one and only Superman and Lois Lane. Production will be underway until April 2023.

Fire Country – Season 1

filming in Vancouver

Fire Country/IMDb

Fire Country is in Vancouver this September to film for its first season. The CBS series will follow a young convict who gets a second chance when in exchange for reduced prison time, he joins a prison-release program that has him working with firefighters in his hometown to control wildfires.

Fire Country will star Max Thieriot in the lead role, alongside Billy Burke and Kevin Alejandro, and is expected to be in Vancouver filming until sometime in December.

A Million Little Things – Season 5

what's filming Vancouver

A Million Little Things/IMDb

ABC’s A Million Little Things returns to the area to film for its fifth season and production is scheduled to wrap up in March of next year. Starring David Giuntoli, Romany Malco and Allison Miller, the series follows a tight-knit group of friends who come together and realize what truly matters in life after one of them suddenly passes away. It is suspected that season five will be the show’s last, although ABC has yet to confirm officially.

Alaska Daily – Season 1

Hilary Swank/Shutterstock

Alaska Daily set up shop in the Metro Vancouver area to film for its first season. The new series brings Hilary Swank to town — she will be playing the lead role of a journalist who moves to a remote town in Alaska searching for a new start. Filming will take place from August to January 2023.

So Help Me Todd – Season 1

So Help Me Todd Trailer/YouTube

CBS’s So Help Me Todd is currently in production in Vancouver right now. The new drama-comedy series will star Skylar Astin as a private investigator who begins working for his mother at her law firm, played by Marcia Gay Harden. Production for the first season will continue into December.

The Good Doctor – Season 6

The Good Doctor/IMDb

The Good Doctor is back on location in Vancouver for another season! Starring Freddie Highmore as the main character, Shaun Murphy, the show revolves around a surgeon with autism who thinks outside the box and is recruited to work at a prestigious hospital. The Good Doctor will be on location for quite awhile, as filming will continue into April of next year.

Upload – Season 3

filming in Vancouver


Upload is back on location in Vancouver to film for its third season. Going by the code name of “Luddwig” — the series is expected to be in production in the city until November.

Starring Robbie Amell in the lead role, the series is about a man who dies and is somehow able to choose his own afterlife in a virtual world known as digital heaven. The show streams on Amazon Prime Video and was quickly renewed for another season back in May. Other cast members include Zainab Johnson, Allegra Edwards and Andy Allo.

Kung Fu – Season 3

filming in vancouver

Kung Fu/IMDb

The CW’s Kung Fu is on location in the city filming for its third season, and production will continue into December. The series stars Olivia Liang as Nicky Shen, a young woman who becomes a vigilante for her community by using martial arts to fight crime and protect others. Set in the present day, Kung Fu is an adaption of the original 1970’s Kung Fu series.

Nancy Drew – Season 4

Nancy Drew/IMDb

Nancy Drew is currently filming for its fourth season of the hit CW show. Based upon the original Nancy Drew books, the series follows a young Nancy Drew, who gets involved in a mystery when she and a group of her friends unexpectedly witness a murder. Filming will be underway in the Metro Vancouver area from till sometime in December.

Percy Jackson & the Olympians – Season 1

Walker Scobell/IMDb

Going by its working title of “Mink Golden,” Disney+’s Percy Jackson & the Olympians is currently filming in Vancouver. Starring The Adam Project’s Walker Scobell as the lead character Percy Jackson, the new series is based on the fantasy books by author Rick Riordan. Production is expected to continue into January 2023.

When Calls the Heart – Season 10

When Calls the Heart/IMDb

Hallmark’s When Calls the Heart is back on location in Vancouver this September for its tenth season of the long-running series. The series follows Elizabeth Thatcher, a teacher who moves to a small coal-mining town and must learn to adjust to an entirely different lifestyle. Filming for season ten will be underway until sometime in November.

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