Mount Seymour trails reopened to public

Oct 28 2016, 10:53 pm

There was some good news today for Vancouver’s hikers and mountain bikers as Mount Seymour’s trails were once again open to the public.

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There had been outcry last week as 25 “No Trespassing” signs appeared on Seymour trails that run on land owned by the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC).

Earlier today, however, Jane Thornthwaite, MLA for North Van-Seymour took to social media to announce that she was in discussions with relevant parties to find a solution to the issue.

Later in the day she announced that the issue had been resolved.

“CHMC and the Province are prepared, as co-owners, to permit reasonable and responsible recreational use of the property,” she wrote. “Users are reminded that persons entering this land do so entirely at their own risk, and that owners are not responsible for any damage or loss to property or personal injury.”

“Going forward, CHMC and the Province will work closely together to consider the management of appropriate recreational usages of the property.”