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Feb 8 2022, 6:24 pm

There are three leading trends currently shaping the future of technology-based industries. At the nexus of these emergent areas of IoT, Cloud, and artificial intelligence is a new player on the Vancouver tech scene. Motorola Solutions, a leader in advanced security technology and a new addition to the realm, is looking for skilled tech talent to join its local team.

“Motorola is a well-known name, but people often associate it with the consumer mobile phone company. That’s not Motorola Solutions today, though,” Hamish Dobson, vice president of product management at Motorola Solutions, tells Daily Hive. 

In 2011, Motorola split into two entities: Motorola Mobility and Motorola Solutions, and the latter has become a leader in the physical security technology space. 

“The establishment of Motorola Solutions’ Video Security & Access Control business began in 2018 with the acquisition of the Vancouver-based video security and access control systems supplier, Avigilon,” explains Dobson.

Now, Motorola Solutions is unique in that it’s the first company to offer an integrated ecosystem of mission-critical technologies designed for public safety and enterprise security. It is a leading provider of physical security systems, two-way radios for public safety and enterprises, and public safety software — where these technologies can unite as one to provide greater insights that help users make informed responses.

Breaking it down, Dobson notes, “Our AI-powered video security solutions turn video into knowledge, helping security teams to better decide how to respond to events with the speed and decisiveness that keeps people, operations, and assets safe.”

Security operator using Avigilon technologies

Avigilon ACC and ACM integrations (Motorola Solutions)

Dobson tells us “the most impactful shift in video security since the transition from analog to IP will be the use of artificial intelligence and computer vision. Instead of having to watch a wall of screens for hours on end, AI is capable of distinguishing unusual behaviour and focusing an operators’ attention on what matters most at that very instant in time.”

He adds, “In addition, recorded video will be searchable in the same way that the internet is searchable, delivering powerful insights into security and business operations.”

For example, Motorola Solutions’ AI-powered video management software, Avigilon Control Center, highlights unusual activity in a graphical Focus of Attention (FoA) interface, which has been proven to improve awareness versus watching live video. This technology can reduce the time required to do a site-wide forensic search by more than 95%, which is critical when the circumstance is time-sensitive, such as trying to locate a child who has gone missing.

“There is arguably no other market that is more centrally at the nexus of IoT, Cloud, computer vision, and AI technologies. There’s [a] massive opportunity for innovation in the video security space, which makes it an exciting place to be,” notes Dobson.

Already, this video security technology is making a threefold global impact, says Dobson. “We can use computer vision powered by AI to drive insights from our video security systems that are revolutionizing the efficiency and effectiveness of security teams. Second, Cloud technology is helping to put valuable security technology in the hands of security personnel when they are on the move so that they can access these insights from their phone and avoid being chained to a desk.”

He continues, “Thirdly, IoT is extending the capabilities of connected devices so that they extend beyond just cameras — enabling the use of things like environmental sensors, presence detectors, and audio that further enrich the information available to security teams.”

Additionally, Dobson adds, “We have an exceptional design team, and our design-led thinking enables our offerings to take the needs of our customers and build them into our systems so that they are accessible and easy to understand.”

New members of the team at Motorola Solutions in Vancouver will have the opportunity to work on AI-based technologies that provide all types of users across public safety, commercial enterprises, and governments with actionable intelligence that allows them to focus on making better-informed decisions while responding to incidents — in turn, providing enhanced levels of safety to their communities.

Speaking to the solutions coming out of the Vancouver office, Dobson says, “Extending beyond the traditional needs of safety operations, we’re also finding opportunities to deliver on solutions that provide new levels of intelligence to businesses as well.”

At the start of the pandemic, the company developed solutions that provide users with insights on the number of customers in a store relative to maximum occupancy limits, if customers are wearing face masks, and if there are areas and times where social distancing guidelines are not being respected.

Beyond getting to work on cutting-edge technology for a well-known Canadian market leader in video security and AI — under a Fortune 500 brand name, successful candidates can anticipate a friendly, accommodating, and flexible working environment. Team members also receive competitive salaries and bonuses, health benefits, and an employee stock purchase plan.

To learn more about the impactful work being carried out by Motorola Solutions in Vancouver and apply for a position, visit

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