Top 10 travel destinations for Vancouverites during the holidays

Oct 14 2016, 6:37 pm

The data is in, and it seems like Vancouverites love to travel to hot places during the holidays. We know, shocker right?

Travel website KAYAK released the top 10 places Vancouverites frequently travel to for the holidays, and Thailand came out on top for 2016, bumping Honolulu down to second place.

Honolulu took a clean sweep of the top spot from 2013 to 2015, however.

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Hong Kong and Dubai both ranked among the top 10 as well.

Nationally, Canadians seem to have a vested interest international travel. Searches for international flights grew 50% year-over-year in 2016.

They also take an average of 10 vacation days between December 1 and January 9, which is three days longer than their US and UK counterparts.

However, when it comes to travelling, Canadians still love, well, Canada. An Ipsos Reid poll from July suggests nearly 70% of Canadians think there’s little reason to travel outside of the country.

Top 10 travel destinations for Vancouverites during the holidays

  1. Thailand
  2. Honolulu
  3. Manila
  4. Hong Kong
  5. Dubai
  6. LA
  7. Hawaii
  8. New Delhi
  9. London
  10. Toronto