Morning Buzz: Playoffs, Food Carts and Duncan Keith

Spring is in the air and the playoffs are near. Once again the City of Vancouver is planning on bringing back playoff celebration sites, just don’t expect them to be on the streets of downtown. Thanks to the riot of last year the City of Vancouver is mulling over multiple options to host viewing parties and all signs point to BC Place Stadium. Only problem is, once the game is over 60,000 plus people will spill on to the streets of downtown and if the city isn’t prepared it could lead to some unfortunate consequences.  Regardless, kudos to the city for not completely backing down.

This coming Monday we’ll find out if city parks will see food carts. Right now the plan is to have a food cart near the Bloedel Conservatory in Queen Elizabeth Park and one near the information booth in Stanley Park. Judging by the social media response the people of Vancouver welcome more food carts with open arms. Don’t forget about the 12 new food carts to hit the streets of Vancouver as well.

As for the Duncan Keith hit on Sedin. If Sedin is unable to return this season, it won’t matter how many games Keith receives.

Even politicians chime in on the Keith hit. Cheap political points on a cheap hit, why not?

Image by Maurice Li