13 Canadian restaurants you can support right now with egift cards

Apr 28 2020, 9:47 am

Although we’re not halfway through the year yet, 2020 has already felt like a lifetime for many Canadians. Restaurant owners, in particular, continue to face an uphill struggle amid the COVID-19 crisis.

More than 800,000 jobs have been lost in the restaurant industry since March 1 as owners have been forced to close their doors to the public. One in 10 restaurants have already closed permanently, according to a survey conducted by Restaurants Canada, and a further 18% are expected to close within a month “if current conditions continue.”

Some restaurants have quickly pivoted to offer takeout and delivery options for people in their community. However, this may not be enough to keep the lights on in the coming months, and when the coronavirus crisis has ended.

Now more than ever, we have the opportunity to step up and offer remote support to local businesses. You can do this all while staying safe at home and using egift card app Moola.


The app offers egift cards for a large selectionĀ of well-known Canadian brands. You can also find deals that allow you to save money during these tough times. With the built-in digital wallet, your egift cards stay in your phone so you won’t lose them.

Moola wants to help support local businesses during this difficult time, especially those in the restaurant industry. And the good news is that you can browse Moola’s egift card marketplace and get deals right from the comfort of your home.

Choose to order food (and/or treats) forĀ curbside pickup or delivery, or hold on to the egift card and use it at a later date when the eatery reopens. Using Moola lets you stretch your dollar and get more value for money with each purchase ā€” this is always a win in our eyes.

If you buy a $100 egift card for one of the 45 restaurant brands on the app right now, you’ll get a $10 bonus, courtesy of Moola. Here’s a look at some of the participating Canadian local restaurants:

  • East Side Mario’s
  • Harvey’s
  • Montana’s BBQ & Bar
  • Swiss Chalet
  • State & Main Kitchen & Bar
  • Kelseys
  • Blackbird Public House
  • The Butcher & Bullock
  • Cinema Public House
  • The Lamplighter Public House
  • The New Oxford
  • Ballyhoo Public House
  • Original Joe’s

The aforementioned restaurants are among a selection of eateries with amazing egift card deals on the Moola app.

Moola is on a mission to help Canadians give back to the industries hit the hardest by the ongoing crisis, including travel and retail, as well as restaurants.

To help local businesses in your city get through this unprecedented time, and to find even more deals on egift cards, download Moola for free on theĀ App StoreĀ orĀ Google Play.

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