Montreal Canadians Name New GM

After what can be easily described as a “let down” season in Montreal, the Canadians have ended their search for a new GM today. Quebec native Marc Bergevin steps into the front office of one of the NHL’s most legendary teams.

Bergevin comes over from Chicago, where he spent the last seven seasons working in a variety of front office positions. He leaves the Blackhawks as the Assistant GM. Working closely with Hawks GM Stan Bowman, Bergevin helped build the playoff contender we all know (and hate) in Chicago.

Despite this winning background in the front office, one of the main criteria the Canadians had for their GM was that he must be able to speak french. In a move that showed the importance of being able to speak french, Bergevin’s first move as GM was to inform interim head coach Randy Cunneyworth will not be the head coach of the Canadians next season. Cunneyworth was nearly chased out of town my an angry mob when he was announced as the interim head coach last season.

Not only is Bergevin going to have to deal with the media microscope of playing in a Canadian market, he must also get started quickly on trying to right the ship in Montreal. The team finished well out of the playoffs this season with a record of 31-35-16. He also must keep a close eye on All-Star defenceman PK Subban who suffered a “lower body injury” while training with Team Canada for the World Hockey Championship.

Who else thinks it is weird that a team has THIS MUCH IMPORTANCE on being able to speak french? Je peux parler francais, mais je pense que ce ci c’est un peu bizarre.