Vancouver yoga studios partner with local musicians for Instagram Live shows

Apr 13 2020, 1:52 pm

As the days under quarantine continue, Vancouverites are realizing that although we can’t change the current situation, we have the power to make the most of it.

Since we can’t get to our nearest yoga or fitness studios at the moment, we’re turning areas of our homes into places of practice (be it the kitchen or our bedrooms).

During the ongoing crisis, studios have been offering free or by-donation fitness classes on Instagram Live, including Modo Yoga International, a community of independent hot yoga studios with locations across Canada. The studios in Burnaby and East Vancouver, in particular, have also hosted live concerts where local musicians have performed — exactly the kind of relaxation we need right now.

Modo Yoga Burnaby has already hosted two live music classes on Instagram. While an instructor led the practice, long-time local musician and yoga instructor Matthew Carter performed live with his guitar.

Over at Modo Yoga East Vancouver, studio manager Caitlin McCarthy said live music classes are among the most popular choices of their typical schedule. “Musicians that frequently play at our studio are Natalie Ramsay (AKA, Daughter of the Moon), Laura Reznek, Ursidae, Michael Averill, and Tim Claridge.”

“Students will often sing along to their favourite songs and even cry in class. It’s a special experience that brings people together and helps break the disconnect and outer barriers,” explains Ramsay.

Julia Cowan, co-owner of Modo Yoga Burnaby and Modo Yoga St. Catharines, notes that everyone is being asked to stay home and do their part to flatten the curve, and for a lot of people, that feels restrictive.

“Both music and yoga are ways for us to feel a bit more free. They are both modalities to help us be present. And moving to music, whether yoga, dancing, or other movement is good for our physical and mental wellness,” she said.

Cowan says some people are finding they have extra time on their hands and are wanting to try something new or finally have the time to do yoga every day as they’ve always wanted to.

“For other people, it’s just a really important pause in their day or their week for self-care if they find themselves trying to work from home while caretaking or homeschooling,” she adds.

If you’re a local artist or know someone who is, Modo Yoga Burnaby wants to connect. “We are looking for more musicians to partner with both now and when we reopen,” Cowan concludes.

If you’d like to join a class, make sure to check out the details here.

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