Missing: Have you seen a 199-pound pumpkin from Richmond?

Dec 19 2017, 8:34 pm

In Richmond, one farmer may have to spend this Halloween without his giant pumpkin, thanks to a suspected thief.

Bill McKinney told The Province he is “perturbed” by his missing pumpkin, which weighed in at 199 pounds (90.2 kilograms) and was over a metre in diameter.

The longtime Richmond farmer said it was grown for fun from the aptly-named Atlantic Giant seed, and it was last seen on a trailer parked at his farm at the corner of Finn and No. 4 roads.

Visitors to his pumpkin patch were given the chance to pay a dollar to guess the weight, with the winner taking the big pumpkin home as a prize.

“I’m a little dejected in human nature,” McKinney said of the theft.

McKinney says the Richmond RCMP knows about the theft; following the theft of batteries from some of his farm equipment this year,law enforcement asked him to report any subsequent thefts.

So far, no alerts have been issued by the Richmond RCMP, but if you happen to spot a particularly large gourd on a porch, or you find yourself invited over to partake in pumpkin pies and breads made from a suspicious surplus of fresh pumpkin, you may want to give the cops a call.

Featured image: Big pumpkins, but sadly not the one in question (Rob Kleine/Flickr)

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