The high life: How to be a world-class host without going broke

Mar 21 2018, 7:00 pm

Every friend circle has (or desperately needs) someone like you; the host. From game nights, to dinner parties, to just hanging out and watching TV, you’re always happy to open up your home and make all of your guests feel welcome.

Being the best host can be expensive, though, so we’re here to pay it forward and give you some tips to help you maintain your (impeccable) standards while ensuring you don’t break the bank with your hospitality. Just keep doing you.

Give yourself a spending limit

When the word ‘party’ comes into your head it’s easy to go overboard. Suddenly you’re sitting on piles of mardi gras beads and novelty hats, wondering what happened to your sense of financial responsibility. To avoid this, don’t set a theme unless it’s easy for everyone, like wearing their favourite football jersey or band tee. All the fun of a theme night, with way fewer trips to the party store for you.

Create a Facebook event

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Nobody wants a text invite to your party: Your guests don’t want to be on the receiving end of a group text, and you don’t want to type out all your individual responses. So, join the 21st century and create a Facebook event. (If it’s good enough for your parents, it’s good enough for you.)

You’ll be able to get an idea of how many supplies you’ll need once everyone RSVPs. Plus, once a Facebook event exists, people will have way less of an excuse for ghosting. (And if they do, they’ll be liable to be roasted on the event page.)

Face the music

Do not subject yourself (or your guests) to the horror of a party without music. Be proactive and make sure you’re not stuck listening to DJ YouTube all night. If you know a DJ who owes you a favour, ask them if they can come set up and spin tracks in your living room (because that’s what friends are for). You can also just as easily create a playlist everyone will vibe with on Spotify or Google Play, and even ask people for their favourite tracks ahead of time so everyone’s tastes are represented.


Speaking of tastes: You’re hosting a party, not managing a tiny, fashionable bar. So don’t throw your money away with a spread of liquors and spirits that may never be touched again. At the same time, your guests deserve a drink as comfortable and classy as the shindig you’re hosting.

Luckily, you don’t have to compromise at all because you can serve them up some Miller High Life, long-known as The Champagne of Beers. It’s clear, golden in colour, and will pair perfectly with all of your charming and attractive house guests. Plus, you can pick it up in six, 12, or 24 packs, at your local beer or liquor store, making it the perfect beverage to enjoy with friends.

Plan your menu

When it comes down to the food, you’re going to want to keep everyone happy to avoid any hanger-related outbursts on the night of. One way to do this is to set your menu ahead of time and send it to everyone to review. Take all suggestions on board to create dishes that everyone will look forward to.

Better yet, opt for dishes that you know will pair with your choice of booze. Miller High Life pairs with chicken, fish, plus pub grub eats like tacos and cheeseburgers. Since it’s light with refreshing carbonation, it’s the ideal palate cleanser (you can tell your guests that if you want to sound even more wise and refined).


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You really don’t need an excuse to host a party, but having an event or activity to focus on can always help. Music alone might be enough entertainment for your guests, but if it’s not, you could always plan your party around a movie release, a playoff game, or a season premiere. One room could even be set up for music and dancing with another for the TV and gamers. Everyone gets what they want, and you continue to wear the crown of World’s Best Host.

Party on, my friend.

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