5 incredible treats you need to try at Vancouver’s newest bubble tea spot

Dec 20 2019, 3:57 pm

Have you heard Vancouver has a new bubble tea spot?

Milksha (meaning Milk Shop) is the first location for the popular Taiwanese bubble tea franchise in all of North America.

We know that Vancouver already has a ton of bubble tea spots, so you might be wondering what sets Milksha apart from the rest of them.


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Firstly, while it’s not uncommon to find bubble tea places around Vancouver using milk powder, Milksha was born from the inspiration of a dairy farmer — as in, their founder actually was one.

The company, founded in 2004 with over 230 stores in Taiwan, goes to great lengths to ensure everything it uses — from its fresh milk to its frozen ingredients shipped from Tawain and its lack of preservatives — is pure and natural.

In addition to their fresh milk, Milksha places an emphasis on sourcing organic, pure ingredients, like its frozen pearls, oranges, and Dajia Taro, which are shipped from Taiwan and then defrosted and mashed. They never use creamer or tea bags, and everything from its water filter that mimics the pH level of Taiwan to the soaked tea leaves is as close to the real thing you’d get in Taiwan as possible.

As well as going to extreme lengths to keep its ingredients as pure as possible and submitting inspections to the government every year to ensure high quality and food safety, Milksha also doesn’t use any pigments, preservatives, additives, additional colouring, trans fats, or fructose.

The shop is now open on Robson Street, and if you’re wondering what to order when you arrive, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best treats they have on offer that you should grab before the new year.

Orange Jasmine Green Tea


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Melody Jia, UBC graduate and co-owner of the new Robson Street store, says that what makes their Orange Jasmine Green Tea special is the oranges they use, that are harvested once a year in the summer in Taiwan. “We make it with fresh oranges and Jasmine Green tea.”

Milksha then ships over the orange juice to Vancouver. Fresh orange juice and Green tea — it doesn’t sound more refreshing than that if you ask us.

Fresh Taro Milk

Milksha prides itself on its fresh Dajia Taro, which comes from the region of Dajia in Taiwan. Milksha freezes the taro it receives from Taiwan, then steams and mashes it in store.

The reason Dajia is known for its perfect taro is because the climate is ideal for growing it. “Sometimes it can become dry if it’s not grown in the right climate. We use the best type of taro,” says Jia.

Izumo Matcha Milk


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Another treat that we can’t take our eyes off is Milksha’s Izumo Matcha Milk. The secret ingredient? Milksha uses matcha shipped from Japan that’s over 100 years old.

Jia says, “There are a lot of places that have matcha in Vancouver, but it’s too strong and bitter. Our matcha is less bitter and has a softer flavour.”

Bubble Black Tea Latte

We left the best for… nearly last. And that’s Milksha’s Bubble Black Tea Latte. It’s Milksha’s most popular drink.

Why? It might be to do with the fact that it has Milksha’s incredibly soft and chewy honey-soaked pearls. It could be something to do with the temperature control that Milksha uses for the pearls on their flight over. In a very literal sense, these pearls are first-class.

Valrhona Cocoa Fresh Milk


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Calling all chocoholics! Milksha is all about using the best ingredients possible, so it makes sense that the chocolate it uses in its Valrhona Cocoa Fresh Milk comes from premium cocoa brand Valrhona, a renowned French chocolate producer.

As Jia says, “It’s the best brand in France for making chocolate.” We’ll get two, thanks!

We don’t know about you, but we’re making a bubble tea beeline to Milksha’s new store on Robson Street. Head on over soon so you can try all of their treats before you ring in the new year!