Miami Dolphins players struggle to pronounce Coquitlam correctly (VIDEO)

Jun 20 2022, 11:12 pm

Who knew Coquitlam was so hard to pronounce?

The Miami Dolphins shared a video today, featuring numerous players trying to pronounce “Coquitlam, British Columbia.”

The results were hilarious, with multiple players at a loss on how to say the Metro Vancouver city’s name.

Players were asked to pronounce Coquitlam because that’s where second-year Dolphins safety Jevon Holland is from. Holland, 22, was born in Coquitlam and still refers to it as his hometown. Picked 36th overall in the NFL Draft in 2021, Holland made his NFL debut with Miami last season following a college career at the University of Oregon.

You won’t find many people that struggle with how to pronounce Coquitlam locally… but in Miami?

“Co-quid-lam?” Holland’s Dolphins teammate Terron Armstead said, stumped.

“Ca-quad… Ca-quadalum?” tried quarterback Skylar Thompson.

Fullback Alec Ingold straight up refused. “Nope… I’m not reading that one,” he said.

“Co-quitum, British Columbia,” tried wide receiver Trent Sherfield.

“I’m not even gonna try that one. Cua.. Cua-quitlam,” added Braylon Sanders.

“Co-keet-lum, British Columbia,” fullback John Lovett said confidently.

Hunter Long actually guessed right, pronouncing Coquitlam perfectly correct, before the second-year tight end second-guessed himself.

“Coquitlam… That’s so wrong.”

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