Metta3 Rest Spa specializes in REST (Contest)

Dec 19 2017, 8:36 pm

Metta3 Rest Spa is Vancouver’s newest luxury spa boutique that specializes in Restricted Environmental Stimulus Therapy, or REST.

Essentially, REST is meant to create a completely stimulus-free environment for guests as they enter a REST pod and float effortlessly in a saltwater bath which creates the feeling of total weightlessness.

Having a chance to try the one-hour REST treatment, I was not sure what to expect. However, right when I walked into the spa, the Metta3 staff was ready to provide impeccable service to ensure that my session would be as relaxing as possible.


Before your REST session begins you have access to the spa’s beautiful facilities; including a cozy reading room, yoga studio and a far-infrared sauna. Ladies and gentlemen’s changing areas are also stocked with natural hair and skin products and other personal amenities for guests to use.

Once you have taken time to rewind in the sauna or reading room, you are then escorted to one of the seven REST pods, to begin your floatation experience. The pods are all located in separate, private rooms. Each of these rooms also comes with a shower and natural bath products to use before and after your REST session is complete. The pod itself is essentially a large egg shaped tub, filled with an Epson Salt water solution. Once you lie down in the pod, ambient LED lights begin to illuminate the water, and the room’s lights begin to slowly dim until you are eventually floating in complete darkness.

At first, the sensation of floating adrift in the darkness without any distractions or stimulations is a very foreign feeling. However, as the session progresses, a calming feeling of complete weightlessness allows your mind, body and spirit fall into a meditative state.

After your REST session is complete, you are welcome to return to the library to cozy up by the fireplace and enjoy a cup of tea.

The benefits of flotation REST are both restorative and healing for the mind and body. Research has shown that REST therapy leads to pain relief, mental clarity, reduced anxiety and a strengthened immune system. Furthermore, an hour of REST therapy has shown to be equivalent to four to six hours of deep sleep. Personally, my REST session had me feeling totally rejuvenated and relaxed.

Overall, the Metta3 Rest Spa experience is revitalizing, and completely unique. Sometimes, we all need a break from the constant busyness of life and Metta3 Rest Spa is the perfect place to let your worries float away.

Be sure to check out Metta3 Rest Spa online for the latest information on their spa packages:

Facebook: restspa
Twitter: @MettaRestSpa
Instagram: @mettarestspa

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Book an appointment and use coupon code: MettaRest. This will give you 25% off.

This coupon will be valid for six months until March 31, 2015. Please note that users can book and pay for their appointments using this coupon online or if they prefer to pay at the spa, they can mention this coupon on-site and their discount will be applied then.



  • One complimentary REST session
  • All natural Lavana Shampoo and Conditioner
  • Organic charcoal bamboo face clothe set (4 pack)

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