Rain returns to Vancouver this week... but for one day only

Jul 17 2017, 4:32 pm

Come Wednesday evening, Vancouverites should be looking to bring in their patio cushions, put the tops up on their convertibles, and seriously reconsidering the next day’s beach plans.

Yes there’s bad news for sunbathers this week with rain set for our skies on Thursday. The good news however is that it’s an anomaly in what looks set to be another amazing week.

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In fact the sunshine is set to stick around through Wednesday, with temperatures reaching 24°C on Tuesday and 23°C on Wednesday.

Thursday brings more clouds and a 60% chance of showers, though by the weekend the city will be seeing highs of 26 to 27°C and clear skies again.

It won’t be quite the downfall that the city is used to, but will be a reminder that we do live in “Raincouver,” after all—and the plants will get a much needed drink.