Here's when Metro Vancouver could expect to see snow this long weekend

Feb 12 2021, 4:48 pm

As cold temperatures continue throughout British Columbia, Environment Canada says that there are two systems that could potentially bring snowfall to Metro Vancouver this long weekend.

“It’s quite interesting because there still is a bit of uncertainty as to how far the moisture will stretch into Metro Vancouver,” Bobby Sekhon, Meteorologist at Environment Canada tells Daily Hive.

“Or will the dry cold outflow air prevent that moisture from coming in. That’s going to decide whether or not we receive any measurable snow and how much we receive, if at all.”

Sekhon says that for the most part, Metro Vancouver can expect to see approximately 2 cm on the ground by Saturday afternoon.

But should moisture in the air push further into Metro Vancouver, forcing the cold, dry air to push back, the Lower Mainland could expect several more centimetres.

“That’s how close it is,” Sekhon stresses. “The boundary literally lies around Metro Vancouver as to whether there’s going to be snow or no snow.”

“We do have winter storm warnings out for Vancouver Island — so not too far across the straight is a whole different story — that’s how fine the margin is on this particular system.”

The second system that Environment Canada is watching will take place on Sunday night, moving into Monday. And while it’s still not entirely clear, Sekhon says there’s more potential for “significant snowfall.”

“Right now it’s still kind of unknown, especially because by Sunday night we’re gonna be warming up,” he explains. “And by then we might even start to see a mix of rain and snow, which adds another complicating factor.”

“But certainly there’s a potential for some snowfall on Sunday night into Monday and that’ll be something to watch out for.”