Metro Vancouver Board will 'reconsider' decision to give itself a pay raise

Apr 4 2018, 11:07 pm

After a recent vote to give themselves a raise and retirement allowance resulted in public backlash, Metro Vancouver has now said it will reconsider the decision.

Late on Monday, Metro Vancouver Board Chair Greg Moore announced he would put forth a motion for reconsideration of the recently approved Board Remuneration Bylaw at a meeting later this month.

“As local government, we pride ourselves in listening to our citizens and finding solutions,” said Moore. “Over the past week we’ve received a tremendous amount of feedback and clearly we missed the mark with respect to the new remuneration bylaw.”

He added that being able to admit a mistake is “a sign of good leadership” and that “this is exactly what this motion will do.”

During a board meeting in late-March, a majority of Metro Vancouver directors voted in favour of modifying the Board’s remuneration rates, in part, they said, to offset the tax impact resulting from changes contained in the 2017 Federal Budget.

Metro Vancouver also implemented a retirement allowance for elected officials serving as board directors, as they don’t currently have any kind of pension or retirement benefits.

The reconsideration motion brought by the Chair will be voted on, recorded and, if two-thirds of the Board agree, the original remuneration bylaw will be on the floor for debate.

The motion will be brought forward at a meeting on April 27.

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