Metro Vancouver's climbing gas prices set new North American record

Apr 22 2019, 11:58 pm

Gas prices in Metro Vancouver hit another record high over the Easter long weekend.

On Saturday morning, gas stations around the Lower Mainland posted prices of 172.9 cents/litre.

The price jump marks another record-high price for not only British Columbia, but for the rest of Canada and North America as well.

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This is also the fourth time this month that a “record high” price has been set.

The first week of April showed a high price of 164.9 cents/litre.

Costs continued to climb and within a week, prices broke 170.0 cents/litre.

The worst part? It doesn’t look like gas stations across Metro Vancouver are showing any relief.

Visitors on the GasBuddy website are reporting 172.9 cents/litre prices at multiple stations around Vancouver.

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Prices around Vancouver reported by GasBuddy users on Monday morning.

Dan McTeague, Senior Analyst at GasBuddy, also shared on Twitter that Vancouver could see another increase before the end of the week.

Buckle up drivers — or rather, don’t. Anything is cheaper than driving these days.

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