A jump at the pump for Metro Vancouver gas prices

Jan 3 2017, 12:19 am

If the price of gasoline had your heart pumping as you filled up Monday, then you may have noticed the $1.35-a-litre price.

So, what’s the reason for the increase?

Put it down to speculation — that’s according to Dan McTeague at GasBuddy.com.

McTeague says until more level heads prevail, financial speculators are pushing up prices based on fears of any type of potential disruption.

“People are looking at a strengthening U.S. market. They’re looking at a boutique type of gasoline being produced all along the West Coast to meet certain environmental emissions standards; the quality of the gasoline, the rarity of the gasoline.”

McTeague says if you’re paying $1.35 at the pump this Monday morning, you’re paying the highest price for gasoline anywhere in North America.

For the record, the lowest gas prices in metro Vancouver can currently be found at the Esso on 3205 Arbutus Street ($1.30 a litre).

Originally posted on CKNW.com


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