Memorial to be held in Vancouver on Saturday for Syrian child refugee who drowned

Dec 19 2017, 5:12 pm

The family of the Syrian child refugee who drowned after the boat he was on capsized is holding a memorial for him, his brother and his mother, both of whom also died.


Three-year-old Alan Kurdi, his five-year-old brother Galib, and their mother Rehanna were all fleeing war-torn Syria and had applied for refugee status in Canada, but were rejected. Now the image of Alan’s body washed up on the shores of Turkey is reigniting the conversation about Syria and our country’s refugee and immigration policies.

The relatives of the family of four – their father survived – had been trying to bring them to B.C. for months but were unsuccessful.


The story is breaking hearts internationally and is garnering massive media attention. Cartoonists around the world paid respects to the boy and his family and made striking political statements about the status of refugees through their art.

The memorial for the family will be held at Simon Fraser University’s Harbour Centre campus on Saturday, September 5 at 2 p.m. in room 1900.

Few details about the memorial service were given other than that. Click here to visit the Facebook page for the memorial.

Memorial Service for Kurdi Family