Canada’s first medi-facial bar just opened in Vancouver

Aug 20 2019, 3:02 pm

When was the last time you focused on self-care? If you can’t remember, it’s already been too long ago.

Looking after yourself doesn’t mean you have to go on a week-long retreat (although that’s always a great option). It involves little things like eating healthy, working out, visiting your doctor, or scheduling an appointment with your dentist.

Self-care is about investing in yourself, in the things that make you feel better over time — and this includes your skincare routine. When you exercise on a regular basis, you start to see results, and the same goes for regular professional skincare treatments. And now you’re in luck because Canada’s first walk-in medi-facial bar has opened in Vancouver — Skinfolio.

The recently opened Park Royal medi-facial bar is bringing a different philosophy to skincare and medical aesthetics with treatments including Botox, Latisse, and fillers, so you can get skincare and aesthetic treatments easily at the same place — all with physician supervision.

The clinic is doctor-run, meaning that your skin is in the hands of a director with the highest certification of medical training. Having an experienced doctor present is definitely safest in the rare case of any complications.

A personal passion for skincare led practicing and experienced GP, Dr. Amanda Lau, to become the medical director and visionary behind Skinfolio as she wanted to offer treatments with professionalism and safety — without expensive prices.

According to Lau, most salons are not medical grade, and several local clinics that are medical-grade operate by appointment only. As a result, there’s a waitlist to even book a consultation with a physician. However, at Skinfolio, everyone can access medical-grade treatments and you can simply walk in and get a consultation, and possibly a treatment — right away.

Plus, everyone’s first treatment is free when they follow Skinfolio on Instagram.

This means you could even get a facial during your lunch break and head back to work feeling refreshed with a dewy glow. We couldn’t imagine anything better.

Selfie wall/Skinfolio

Skinfolio’s philosophy is inspired by financial investment. They believe in educated choices that yield the best long-term results for your skin. Using the best and most expensive products on the market with proven benefits won’t typically achieve the same results that professional treatments do, which is why many people choose to use a combination of both. You could start getting professional treatments earlier and use products as secondary maintenance.

Not to mention the fact that Skinfolio’s prices are amazing for the quality of the treatments on offer.

For instance, the $1,000 membership, which includes 10 Skinfolio5 treatments, is worth almost $5,000 at other MD-run skin clinics. The clinic offers an intro and customizable menu (for specialized skin issues like acne or rosacea, and also for customers interested in Botox or lip fillers), and members also get a discount on the customized menu.

It’s important to know that all laser machines are not the same, but Skinfolio’s are top-of-the-line, Health Canada and FDA-approved machines. If you haven’t had a laser facial before, don’t worry — Skinfolio5 treatments won’t leave your skin red and raw, and you can go out in public right afterwards.

With no downtime and treatments taking only 15 minutes, Skinfolio could be your new go-to clinic for skincare TLC. Check out Skinfolio’s website for more information before you visit.

Park Royal/Skinfolio


Where: Park Royal — Suite 916, 2002 Park Royal South, West Vancouver

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