Mealshare's second launch in Vancouver

Dec 19 2017, 4:48 pm

The Mealshare program has launched in Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary and Edmonton, and now the Mealshare founders are looking to re-launch in Vancouver on November 14.

Mealshare is a simple idea that [could] change the world. It “turns dining out into helping out.

The Mealshare program aims to provide millions of meals to those in need both locally and globally.

C Restaurant, WHET, Ethical Kitchen and Living Café are the four restaurants that will be participating in Mealshare’s second Vancouver launch. This means that customers can provide meals to people in need when they eat at their favourite restaurant.

Aprodite’s Organic Café, Darby’s Pub and Gurkha Himalayan Kitchen are already on board with the Mealshare program.

Mealshare hopes to not only increase awareness of its program, but to also get more restaurants on board with the program; and as a result, “provide [more] meals to even more people.”

Sheniz Kassam, owner of Noorish Café in Edmonton, says, “Mealshare takes the challenge out of giving and makes it fun, engaging, and easy for restaurants, their staff and their customers to feel good about making a difference for others.”

About the Mealshare Program

Mealshare makes it extremely easy to give meals to those in need! They put their logo next to some of their partner restaurant’s menu items. For every Mealshare-branded menu item purchased, a meal will be donated to someone in need. It’s simple – Buy one, give one. Restaurants enjoy our program because it is an interactive way for them and their customers to donate meals to those in need. The organization also supports the restaurants through social media, its website, and various events throughout the year. Mealshare is a new B.C. registered non-profit organization run by three young entrepreneurs (two Vancouverites). They launched Mealshare in Alberta in July and [they] have already provided more than 6,600 meals. Menu items that participate have a logo next to them for easy recognition.

Participating restaurants donate a set dollar amount to the organization when a Mealshare meal is purchased. They then make a donation to one of their charitable partners, enabling them to provide a complete meal to someone in need. In Vancouver, Mealshare is working with Mission Possible and internationally with Children’s Hunger Fund. Half of the meals will be donated to Mission Possible, while the other half are donated to their international charity.

For more information about the process, check out the program’s website and new video at:

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