Canadian meal kits let you make restaurant quality food at home

Nov 16 2020, 4:08 pm

These last few months, we’ve all been cooking at home a lot more than usual — some of us for the first time. And while we definitely miss eating out at restaurants, it’s good to learn new things, like how to sear the perfect steak or how to make a chicken soup from scratch.

What we haven’t gotten over, though, is how tedious it can be to always come up with something new and delicious to eat — day after day — especially when we don’t exactly want to spend much time in the grocery store these days.

Good thing it’s 2020 and meal kits exist. If you still don’t consider yourself much of a chef, HelloFresh is a great solution. Combining the thrill of eating something you didn’t need to come up with yourself, like at a restaurant, with the ease and comfort of cooking in your own home, HelloFresh has meal plans for every kind of lifestyle — and skill level.

How it works is you pick a plan that fits your needs (there are vegetarian plans, too!) and select the number of people you’re feeding. Every week, you’ll get a box with simple, step-by-step recipe instructions, plus all the pre-measured ingredients needed for a delicious and healthy meal.

The recipes vary from week to week, season to season, but the kinds of restaurant-quality meals you can expect to make include glazed pork chops with pineapples and veggie-fried rice or seared Italian sausage with Israeli couscous and spinach.

Craving a juicy burger with all the fixin’s? Try a¬†Greek beef burger topped with mayo, feta cheese, and Roma tomato, served with a traditional village salad. Got Chinese food on your mind? Opt for the¬†Chinese salt and pepper chicken with stir-fried veggies on garlic rice.

It’s a great opportunity to try something new that you may never have though of otherwise, like a Middle Eastern-spiced salmon freekeh bowl. The recipes are as diverse as our city’s restaurants! We also love that all the things we’ve been craving — like pork tacos and shrimp scampi — just show up on our doorstep, little effort required.

With all the time saved thinking up meals, why not set up your dining room table like your favourite restaurant and go for the full dining out experience: tablecloth, candlesticks, floral arrangement and all. This is a good way to turn date night into something extra special, because who doesn’t love having a great meal cooked for them?

We’re all nostalgic for our go-to spots, but dining in can be just as enjoyable with a little nudge in the right direction to get us out of our dinner ruts. Plus, HelloFresh meals are more affordable than eating out or getting takeout — and you can bring your own wine.

Find out more about how it works on the HelloFresh website and pick the plan that works for you. Soon you’ll be making those restaurant-style meals you miss right at home.

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