McMorris apologizes to fellow Canadian Parrot for questioning Olympic win

Feb 12 2022, 7:01 pm

Snowboarder Mark McMorris has apologized to countryman Max Parrot for questioning the judging in the latter’s gold medal win in Slopestyle earlier this week. 

“I let my emotions get the better of me in the days following slopestyle and I want to sincerely apologize to Max,” McMorris tweeted Saturday. “I’m amazed by what you’ve overcome and I’m extremely proud to have shared the podium with you.”

He questioned the win earlier this week, blasting the judging in the event for missing an error in Parrot’s run, which net him an overall score of 90.96 and a gold medal win.

“Usually that would be considered a ‘not make,’” McMorris said in the CBC interview. “But the judges missed it, and I’m sure they’re feeling s—-y about it. But it’s not their fault that the feed they had was garbage.”

Su Yiming of China was second at 88.70, and McMorris was third — his third consecutive Olympic bronze at the event — with a score of 88.53.

Parrot admitted the mistake in his run, which featured him grabbing his knees instead of the board.

“Obviously would have been nice to have a different shade of medal,” McMorris said in an interview with CBC on Friday. “But knowing that I kind of had the run of the day, and one of the best rounds of my life and the whole industry knows what happened — pretty, pretty crazy.”

Parrot said there were no hard feelings over McMorris’ comments, and that McMorris apologized to him personally, according to CBC. 

“He actually came to me earlier today and he apologized for his non-sportsmanship,” Parrot said. “I told him no worries.”

The two will compete again Monday when qualifying beings for the big air event. The event will be scored by the same nine judges McMorris criticized.

“Some things are bigger than sport,” McMorris said in another tweet. “At the end of the slopestyle comp we had two Canadian medals and our national anthem played because Max Parrot brought home Canada’s first gold.”

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