Canadian man’s "McMonstrosity" bagel makes Time Magazine

Feb 26 2020, 5:16 pm

It’s not every day your breakfast makes headlines, but once in a while, you strike gold.

Or, in some cases, simply a lot of cream cheese.

That’s exactly what happened to Bryan Passifiume, reporter for the Toronto Sun, when he shared an image of his bagel with “extra cream cheese” order from McDonald’s to Twitter this week.

The glutenous tower of dairy, described in one tweet as a “McMonstrosity,” earned itself a story in Time Magazine. The piece highlights just how far outside the typical range of fast-food cream cheese thickness this particular bagel falls.

“LOL what the hell, @McDonaldsCanada,” Passifiume posted to Twitter on Tuesday morning, beginning what would be a large thread exposing the unexpected thickness of the bagel’s spread.

He then compared the bagel to a lotto ticket, a regulation NHL hockey puck (which the breakfast item was comparable to in girth,) and an emergency naloxone inhaler turned on its side.

Following a morning of fun, Passifiume wrapped the bagel back up and reportedly left it on his desk overnight, to be compared to the next day’s order.

Indeed, he arrived on Wednesday morning with a new “bagel with extra cream cheese” order, that — although still large — was slim in comparison to Tuesday’s debacle.

Order number two was reportedly still difficult to eat, as Passifiume said that it felt like he had “swallowed a shipping container of cream cheese.”

An image showing his breakfast’s last couple of bites simply states: “Urggg… Struggle is real.”

Daily Hive has contacted McDonald’s Canada for comment but the company had not responded by the time of publication.

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