Eating McDonald's french fries is a delicious way to support Canadians in need

May 8 2020, 11:02 pm

If we had to do a ranking of our all-time favourite eats, french fries would make it to the top of the list — possibly every time.

We each have our personal preference of how to eat fries, whether that involves dunking three-at-a-time into a tub of ice cream, having them plain and perfect, or smothering them in ketchup. The options are plentiful, and that’s a big reason why fries score top points with us.

However, since we can’t currently dine out at restaurants in Canada, the ongoing crisis has led to a major surplus of potatoes, with farmers nationwide struggling as a result. To simultaneously support Canadian potato farmers and relief funds, McDonald’s Canada is launching Fries For Good, a heartwarming initiative for Canadians to rally behind.

From Friday, May 8 to Thursday, May 21, a portion of the proceeds from all fries sold at McDonald’s will be donated to the Canadian Red Cross, supporting the Canadian Emergencies and COVID-19 Response Fund, the Nova Scotia Stronger Together Fund, and disaster response and preparedness work across Canada.

McDonald’s Canada/Facebook

If you want to show support to those who need it in Canada, all you have to do is order fries via McDelivery or visit your local McDonald’s restaurant for curbside pickup or by going through the Drive-Thru.

Let’s face it, we could all do with a night free of cooking and doing the dishes. And with #FriesForGood, when you grab your favourite meal from McD’s — with maybe an extra order of fries (because why not?) — your purchase comes with the feel-good bonus of knowing you’re making a contribution to help others during this time of uncertainty.

Proceeds raised and donated to the Canadian Red Cross will be divided among various funds to ensure that families and individuals in need across the country are supported.

McDonald’s Canada/Facebook

Support will be directed to those affected by the pandemic, as well as Canadians who have been impacted by recent events, including the devastating mass shooting in Nova Scotia, and other disaster preparedness and response efforts in communities across Canada.

Fries For Good isn’t the only way in which McDonald’s Canada is supporting the communities it serves. Already, the restaurant group has donated over 250,000 pounds of food to local food banks and other charities, and supplied more than one million free coffees and teas to frontline healthcare and emergency service workers in Canada.

Things are a little different right now, and we’re not sure when they will return to how they once were. But one thing is for sure: we’re working together to get through it.

For the next two weeks, you can experience the magic of giving back by ordering McDonald’s fries and helping those who need our support the most. So give in to your fry obsession and find your nearest McDonald’s location here.

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