McDonald’s Canada officially returns to sourcing 100% Canadian beef

Oct 2 2020, 5:00 pm

For the first time since the pandemic rattled the beef industry, Canadians can once again bite into a 100% Canadian beef McDonald’s burger.

McDonald’s Canada has been proud to source 100% Canadian beef since 2003, but the unprecedented impacts of COVID-19 on the Canadian beef supply chain required the company to temporarily supplement its supply with imported beef.

Since April, McDonald’s continued to source as much Canadian beef as possible — maintaining over 80% Canadian supply on average.

The resilience of agricultural workers in areas like Alberta and Saskatchewan allowed them to adjust to changes and put a fresh face forward to the Canadians who may have been missing their products.

With the industry back on its feet, it’s hugely impactful that McDonald’s Canada has returned to sourcing 100% Canadian beef, as that directly supports our local farmers and ranchers.

At McDonald’s Canada, the supply chain is closely monitored to ensure that it meets sustainability and ethical standards. The restaurant chain has been vocal about its dedication to 100% Canadian Beef and continues to plan sustainability initiatives beyond 2020. 

In addition to buying as much Canadian beef as it could at the height of the pandemic, McDonald’s Canada supported the industry with a $100K donation to the Canadian Cattlemen’s Foundation. 

As a founding-member of the Canadian Roundtable for Sustainable Beef (CRSB) in 2014, it has long been a champion of beef sustainability. Moving forward, at least 30% of the beef used in McDonald’s Canada Quarter Pounder patties will be sourced from CRSB-certified sustainable farms and ranches.

Of the almost $1 billion the company spends on food, more than 80% is purchased from suppliers in Canada. That’s impressive for a fast-food chain, but the company has been committed to helping Canadians create a brighter future since it crossed the border back in the ‘60s.

The first McDonald’s in Canada was built in 1967, a cozy spot in Richmond, BC that’s still standing to this day. The franchise took off — there are 1,400 restaurants here now — serving close to three million guests every day. They do serve more burgers than anyone else on the planet for a reason, after all. 

To try a McDonald’s Canada beef burger yourself, visit a restaurant near you or order via the mobile app or by using McDelivery.

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