Bye bye Marie Kondo: Why more people are going maximal at home

Aug 11 2021, 10:05 pm

For the past several years minimalism and simplifying home decor has been all the rage and the reigning trend, but more people are wanting a little bit… more.

Maximalism is the new trend that is moving in and inspiring home design to be more colourful, eclectic, and layering patterns. Monochromatic home design is gorgeous and will never go out of style, but finding ways to express ourselves through home design is a super fun trend to play with.

If the word maximalism is making you shudder after a couple of years of perfecting your Marie Kondo level of organization, you can incorporate design elements that play with the idea of “more” but can still maintain your organized life and consumer-conscious habits.

Try out these cool ways to jump on the trend of maximalism in home decor.

Intricate details


Kendall Ansell – Beta Ave.

The best way to maximize your space is to start with the small details. Take advantage of coffee table space and layer your favourite books, memories, and more. A great way to work with the details without adding clutter is to layer design pieces that you love or are maybe family memories. That way you don’t go out spending more money on decor and you reuse vintage finds — a way to maintain our consumer-conscious mentality.

Create colourful walls



The fun part about maximal home design is that it doesn’t always mean “more stuff.” You can go big with colour on your walls, and wallpaper – all things that are already there and need attention anyway. With wall colour and wall paper, you can have a lot of fun mixing and matching, and even stay true to your favourite colour palette. Some tips for mixing patterns: pick them in similar hues and use patterns of different sizes to ensure it doesn’t feel too overwhelming.

Try fun textiles


Kendall Ansell – Creelman Ave.

Textiles are a classic way to play with maximalism since they are easily replaced and interchangeable over time, and they are also a simple way to layer your patterns. There are so many cool and funky throw pillows, rugs, and blankets that all find a way to blend with each other. Similar to your wall colour, try staying in a similar colour family, but don’t be afraid to mix and match your patterns.

Think of every corner


Kendall Ansell – East Boulevard

When trying to maximize your space, you have to account for every corner to make sure it plays a role in the overall picture. The best way to do this and maintain your organization is to take advantage of your built-ins. These help you remain decluttered but also allow you to play with different items to highlight. A very timeless version of this eclectic look is a bookshelf – keep all your favourite stories on display while using their various hues to make the room pop!

Play with Art



If you’re looking for ways to create a more maximalist wall, try an art feature where you blend different prints, art, and sizes to create a very full room. This is another great way to highlight personality and vintage pieces without going out and spending too much on extra items. 

Maximalism can be a great way to highlight your personality and favourite things – while also bringing a smile to your face with the fun and bright patterns.

Try maxing out your space on your next renovation project with these tips.

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